Senior Civil Engineer / Office Manager

Issue Date 07 Jan 2016 Closing Date 20 Jan 2016
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Duty Station Hargeisa Somaliland Organizational Unit Regional Office for Africa
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Hargeisa Water Supply Situation: The current Hargeisa Municipal Water Supply (MWS) system was designed and constructed in the early 1970s, through assistance from the Government of China. It consists of the Geed Deeble wellfield (currently with 12 operational boreholes), a pumping and booster station, a 23 km long transmission pipeline, 2 water reservoirs, and a piped distribution system.

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    Issued on: 7 January 2016





Hargeisa Somaliland


Senior Civil Engineer / Office Manager


10 working months over 12 months


20 January 2016


1.1       Hargeisa Water Supply Upgrading Project (HUWSUP)

1.1.1    Hargeisa Water Supply Situation: The current Hargeisa Municipal Water Supply (MWS) system was designed and constructed in the early 1970s, through assistance from the Government of China. It consists of the Geed Deeble wellfield (currently with 12 operational boreholes), a pumping and booster station, a 23 km long transmission pipeline, 2 water reservoirs, and a piped distribution system.

The original Hargeisa Water System was established when Hargeisa was about 5 times smaller than today, and the population was around 180,000. In addition to the piped water system, five small dams provided water for animals, laundry and other household tasks. However, these dams have now silted up and are no longer in use.

Currently, the Chinese-built water system, as it was developed more than 35 years ago, still remains the only available larger-scale water infrastructure in Hargeisa. The Geed Deeble wellfield provides 10,400 m³/day to the City, pumped through the old main pipeline into the “Chinese Reservoir” in Hargeisa. The pipeline, as well as other critical components of the water production and transmission system, is at risk of failure, due to a lack of maintenance and rehabilitation work. In addition to the main wellfield, there are a number of uncontrolled sources, which are used for trucked water supply and provide around 1,200 m³/day. The current total water availability for Hargeisa town is therefore limited to approximately 11,600 m³/day.

The average water availability for Hargeisa residents is less than 13 litres per capita per day (l/c/d), and could be as low as 10 l/c/d, taking into account the relatively high water losses due to leakages. The Hargeisa water supply situation falls far behind the minimum urban water supply of 32 or 40 l/c/d, commonly applied by International Organisations for towns and cities in developing countries, and the recommended urban water supply figure of 65 l/c/d. Consequently, the current water demand for Hargeisa ranges between 28,800 (minimum required supply) and 58,500 m³/day, while only about 40% of the minimum requirement is currently met.

With its rapidly growing population, aging infrastructure and inadequate coverage, the water supply situation in Hargeisa can be termed as precarious, and on the brink of collapse. The limited water availability is a critical shortcoming in essential service delivery, and seriously impedes the right to water access, local economic development, and employment generation. The Hargeisa Urban Water Supply System therefore urgently requires far-reaching rehabilitation, improvement and augmentation measures: in the first place, to avert an emerging humanitarian crisis, and secondly, to enable improved livelihoods for city residents, create employment opportunities, and foster the development of enterprises, the Hargeisa urban economy, and the region as whole.

1.1.2    HUWSUP Summary: Under a grant from the European Union and with additional support from the Somaliland Development Fund, UN-Habitat is implementing a USD 25 million project to rehabilitate and upgrade the principal water supply for Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland. The project started in December 2012, and the completion of construction expected by January 2016, followed by a period of testing, hand-over and reporting until mid-2016.

The Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrade Project (HUWSUP) comprises the replacement of over 23 km of pipeline from the main wellfield of Geed Deeble, with a new, high-capacity transmission main that will be able to bring more water to Hargeisa. In addition, HUWSUP is building and installing a new pumping station, upgrading the wellfield collector system, and extending it to new wellfield area of Hora Haadely. In total, about 40km of new pipelines are being procured and installed. HUWSUP has also drilled 4 new boreholes and is exploring additional new water sources, in order to connect additional, sustainable sources of water to the upgraded pipeline system.

The project is of national importance and is the single largest infrastructure grant from the EU to assist the Somaliland authorities with its key development priorities of water supply rehabilitation and expansion.

Purpose of the Assignment

  • To act as Senior Civil Engineer for all in-house designs and related construction management;
  • Assist in the day to day management of the project and to deputise for the Project Manager / Project Coordinator when the need arises.  Manage the Hargeisa office and ensure all national staff members have monthly and quarterly workplans.  Conduct regular staff meetings, act as the focal point for national staff, and provide feedback to senior management;
  • Represent the project to third parties and stakeholders including, but not limited to, the Government of Somaliland, visiting donors, consultants engaged under other projects supporting HWA, project stakeholders, contacts and other interested groups.  Assist in the communication of the technical issues of the project;
  • Assist the Contracts Manager in the management of Consultants and Contractor engaged in HUWSUP related construction works.

2.1        As Senior Civil Engineer

  • Assist in coordination and provide inputs to the preparation and/or review of remaining technical designs for works that will be directly implemented by UN-Habitat: upgrading of wellfield collector components, Hora Haadley connection pipework, etc. Together with the Project Manager, sign-off on the design calculations.
  • Provide inputs to the preparation of tender documents for the designs, including specifications, BoQ and drawings and work with the Project Manager and Coordinator in the getting the documents ready for tendering.
  • Ensure that the tendering process is completed as per the rules and regulations of the UN and lead any site visits, pre-bid meetings.
  • Once the tender has been awarded, ensure that ‘kick-off’ meetings are successfully completed and that the contractor successfully mobilise to site.
  • Lead the site supervision and ensure that the contract specifications followed on site. Ensure that the works are supervised daily and all necessary paperwork is completed.  Prepare documentation for interim payment certificates for signing and keep track of contract budgets.
  • In the event of variations, assist with preparation of all relevant paperwork in collaboration with the Project Manager / Coordinator.
  • Organize (as required) site investigations, survey, required feasibility work or outline design work prior to detailed design.

2.2       Office Manager

  • Act as focal point for the national staff, ensure that work-plans are defined by all staff and are adhered to.
  • Undertake regular team and office meetings and ensure that any issues are passed to the Project Manager / Coordinator.
  • Ensure that office filing systems are kept up-to-date by Project Office and Assistant, and that staff performance evaluations, and required contract extensions are initiated and processed on-time.
  • Support the recruitment of new staff and provide inputs to their TORs.
  • Coordinate the use of office space by HUWSUP staff, the Design & Supervision Consultant, visiting consultants, both for HUWSUP and related projects with HWA

2.3       Representation

  • In conjunction with the Project Manager / Coordinator ensure that the projects aims and objectives are effectively and clearly communicated to other stakeholders including the Government of Somaliland, donors and the UN.
  • Form a link between the Project Manager / Coordinator and the Hargeisa Water Agency and ensure that there is a flow of information between all parties.
  • Ensure that HUWSUP’s Communications and Visibility strategy is undertaken; ensure that clear and concise messages about the aims and objectives of HUWSUP are regularly published.

2.4       Assistance to Project / Contracts Manager 

  • Provide support and technical back-up for the Project / Contracts Manager for the management of the works which are supervised by outside consultanciesthe Design & Supervision Consultant.
  • In the absence of the Project / Contracts manager, form the link between the Supervision Consultants and the UN. 

Professionalism: Knowledge and experience of communication and public relations, including familiarisation with key software, hardware and communication tools.

Planning and Organization: Ability to work under pressure, establish priorities and plan, develop clear goals that are consistent with agreed strategies, and use time efficiently.

Communication: Excellent written communication skills in English, with the ability to articulate ideas in a clear and articulate manner; the ability to prepare and edit a variety of documents, reports and briefs.

Team Player: Able to motivate and work in harmony with field staff, partners and stakeholders; strong sense of initiative; and willingness towards long working days if needed

Proactive: Results oriented; independent; and able to identify and carry out duties and responsibilities with minimum supervision



  • At least 20 years working as a Civil Engineer.
  • Broad knowledge and management experience in the field of water treatment / pumping and or distribution.
  • Previous experience as a facilitator or training and the development of training courses,
  • Excellent spoken and written English; Good communication skills and capability to work with colleagues and counterparts from a different socio-cultural environment;
  • Practical video editing experience,
  • Experience working with government organizations, NGOs and community organisations


  • Familiarity with the UN system

The contract will be for a duration of 10 working months of 22 days over a period of 12 months, beginning on or around 30 January 2016, and ending on or before 31 January 2017 (depending on the contract start date). 

  1. FEES

Fees will be based on established UN remuneration rates for individual consultants. The rate is determined by functions performed and experience of the consultant. The fees will be paid as per agreement. Payments will be based on deliverables over the consultancy period and satisfactory performance.  



Applications should include:

·      Cover letter (maximum 1 page)

·      Summary CV, indicating the following information:

1.      Educational Background (incl. dates)

2.      Professional Experience (assignments, tasks, achievements, duration by years/ months)

3.      Other Experience and Expertise (e.g. Internships/ voluntary work, etc.)

4.      Expertise and preferences regarding location of potential assignments

5.      Expectations regarding remuneration

6.              Work examples (optional)

All applications should be submitted to:

UN-HABITAT Somalia, Email:


Please be advised that since April 15th 2010, applicants for consultancies must be part of the

UN-HABITAT e-Roster in order for their application to be considered. You can reach the e-Roster

through the following link:

Deadline for applications: 20 January 2016


UN-HABITAT does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process. If you have any questions concerning persons or  companies claiming to be recruiting on behalf of these offices and requesting the payment of a fee, please contact:


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