Virtual Townhall Meeting with Ms. Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General (DSG) to the United Nations

I am pleased to invite you to a Virtual Townhall Meeting with Ms. Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General (DSG) to the United Nations, who will be travelling to Kenya on a very brief official visit. The DSG is scheduled to spend Friday, 10 September in Nairobi attending meetings with Government of Kenya (GoK) officials as well as various UN colleagues. Noting the significance, she accords to interacting with staff, despite her tight schedule of meetings over the course of the day, she had indicated her desire to have a Virtual Townhall with UN staff in Kenya.  Her schedule could only allow her to slot this very important meeting with us from 2pm – 3pm (1 hour), for which I would like to apologize in advance as the workday for the UN would normally end at 2pm. As the UN family in Kenya, the last 16 months have been extraordinarily challenging, but we have all come together and worked as a team and family to manage the pandemic, support each other and deliver our various mandates as expected by the Secretary-General.  The Townhall will present us with a unique opportunity as a Duty Station to listen to the Deputy Secretary-General on how as a UN family we are going to move forward into the new normal, share with her our challenges during this period, our expectations, and maybe our concerns as we move forward. Please remember, two of my philosophies in life. First, “if you do not say what you want, you will be given what they think you want”; Secondly, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. We will have the Deputy Secretary-General here in Nairobi, let us come and hear her talk to us and ask her all the questions to which we have been unable to find answers. I look forward to your active participation at the Townhall and kindly ask that any questions for the DSG be submitted in advance to the Office of the Director-General (ODG) UNON for consolidation no later than 09:00am on Friday, 10 September 2021 (Nairobi local time) via Thank you.


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