• HabPost - Issue 044 (December 16th, 2021)

    This is the last issue of the year! 2022 is just around the corner, and many of us will be going home for the holiday season. Yet not everyone is lucky enough to say they can go back to a place called ‘home’. In today’s issue of HabPost, we look at homelessness and the most recent developments at the General Assembly which make our work on the topic stronger than ever.

    On the innovation side of things, we explore how we can use innovation in our everyday work. If you’re wondering what type of innovator you might be, look no further.

    Finally, colleagues from the Human Rights and Social Inclusion Unit remind us of the intersectional nature of gender-based violence and the most recent activities on the topic to tackle the issue from an urban standpoint.

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  • HabPost - Issue 043 (December 2nd, 2021)

    Two weeks ago, the second session of the Executive Board for the year 2021 ended. Today, we go back to two days of meetings to provide you, in a nutshell, with the top things to remember. Chief amongst these, the approval of the work programme and budget for 2022. For those of you looking for a more comprehensive coverage, we provide links to the Daily Journal for Day 1 and Day 2.

    This week, we also travel to the Old City of Jerusalem to explore how a historic site has been preserved, rehabilitated, and brought to the 21st century to serve sustainable urban management and enhance the living conditions of local Palestinians.

    Finally, don’t miss out on the few farewell messages — some poetic — by colleagues, and connect before they’re gone!

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  • HabPost - Issue 042 (November 18th, 2021)

    Put on your football shoes — we’re taking a detour by the pitch to see just how to leverage the convening power of an international football star. Earlier this year, Blaise Matuidi — a member of the team that won the World Cup for France in 2018 — was appointed UN-Habitat Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Africa. He has since then been active in promoting UN-Habitat’s work and joining hands to improve the lives of families living in informal settlements. Read our feature story to learn more — and get involved!

    And if you’ve missed reading, this week’s News roundup features a number of articles by some of our UN-Habitat colleagues including Raf Tuts, Eduardo Moreno, and our Executive Director — as well as other important stories.

    Finally, the Innovation corner this week looks at the new thinking in urban innovation, away from almighty technology.

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  • HabPost - Issue 041 (November 4th, 2021)

    How do we measure success? While often a complex question to answer, knowing whether we are successful as an organization in delivering on our mandate is crucial to stay relevant in the international fora. And a few tools exist to help us do just that — chief amongst them, results-based-management (RBM) principles. Today in HabPost, our feature story highlights the reasons why RBM has grown in popularity over the years and why we at UN-Habitat are committed to pursuing this management approach — and the steps we’re taking towards it. Spoiler alert: the keyword here is “outcomes”.

    And if you want to become a New Urban Agenda nerd, don’t miss out on the second part of the online crash course, now looking at the means of implementation of the New Urban Agenda. More on this in the Did you know section.

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  • HabPost - Issue 040 (October 21st, 2021)

    In today’s issue of HabPost, we embark on the Cities Investment Facility ship to unveil the ins and outs of a truly innovative, multi-stakeholder approach to addressing sustainable urban development. From unwrapping the concept to presenting the team pulling the strings behind the scenes, we invite you to take part in the movement and reach out to cities and communities to make full use of the open call for projects — hurry up, the deadline for submission is 8 November!

    Today’s issue is also packed with information on our work across different parts of the house. Our Success Story takes us to São Tomé and Príncipe where colleagues are implementing innovative measures to build a climate and environmentally-friendly village, and we travel to Dubai to present UN-Habitat’s engagement at Expo 2020 Dubai and associated opportunities. We also pick the brains of our Innovation colleagues who have explored how digital transformation is embraced at sister agencies, and who invite us to contribute to the digital transformation strategy of UN-Habitat.

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  • HabPost - Issue 039 (October 7th, 2021)

    This week marks the official move to a new phase in the back-to-office (BTO) plans for colleagues in Kenya. Our feature story is dedicated to our colleagues at Headquarters and provides condensed guidance on the top things they need to know and do in preparation for a staggered return to the UN complex. All links and resources are in one place, so you need not look any further.

    And while COVID-19 has kept us away from the office, it may also have introduced anxiety over and disruptions to our financial well-being. UNFCU has made available a webinar to best understand our options and the decisions that will take us closer to financial serenity. More information in the Did You Know section down below.

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  • HabPost - Issue 038 (September 23rd, 2021)

    On 7 September, we connected for a Town Hall meeting where we discussed the recent results of the survey on racism at UN-Habitat. The results were nothing short of disturbing, and we must do better to be more inclusive and respectful within our organization. Our feature story this week summarizes our pain points and encourages us to look at ourselves, so that we may look after others. A Teams site was created where all work on anti-racism will be stored and discussed — connect to make your voice heard so that the recommendations don’t just accumulate dust on our virtual desks.

    On the bright(er) side of things, we continue our journey on the road to success stories with a tale of the Yangon Raincraft programme or how video games can take shape in reality and transform public spaces through the power of the (local) people.

    Finally we’re pleased to introduce this week our first ever staff news corner which we hope will allow you to connect or reconnect with your peers.

    As always, do reach out to us at unhabitat-habpost@un.org to contribute your information to the organization. We’re all ears!

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  • HabPost - Issue 037 (September 9th, 2021)

    We’re back after a short summer break and delighted to find our way to your inboxes again.

    This week, we hit the ground running with a special issue on climate change in anticipation of COP26: our lovely team of climate geeks has put together for us a stove of information on the cool efforts to protect a warming planet. In addition to the feature story on urban climate action and our usual Did You Know bite, we’ve thrown into the mix two success stories — one on Urban-LEDS and the other on climate change and resilience in Jordan — as well as a comprehensive climate calendar to follow what’s hot and news on ESSS 3.0. Don’t miss out!

    But that’s not all. Ourselves being the geeks that we are, we are pleased to present to you a revamped HabPost to better capture the information you like and ease your access to your favorite reads. We hope you find it easier on the eye and continue to read us on a regular basis. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at unhabitat-habpost@un.org for any comments, enquiries, and most importantly contributions — so we can tell the story of the difference you make.

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  • HabPost - Issue 036 (August 5th, 2021)

    It’s that time of the year when our minds wander off, mentally preparing for a well-deserved break after months of hard labour. Roughly a month after the High-Level Political Forum, we thought we’d bring you highlights from UN-Habitat’s engagement at the Forum, and let our staff voice be heard. Throwback to over a week of debates and reflections on localizing the SDGs and recovering from COVID-19.

    But before we also slip away for the summer break, we wanted to invite you to take a look at the latest news, job opportunities, and importantly at some of the rules for contracting temporary workers as we often find ourselves unaware of the nitty-gritty of hiring.

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  • HabPost - Issue 035 (July 22nd, 2021)

    SDG good practice, blockchain, and learning — this is what we’re bringing you today in this 35th issue of HabPost. We look at four projects from the Regional Office for Arab States (ROAS) and the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (ROLAC) that have made the cut and landed into UNDESA’s SDG Good Practices database. The database is a stove of information on UN and non-UN entities’ exemplary contributions to the achievement of the SDGs — take a detour!

    We also take a dive into Blockchain and its application to sustainable urban development. Colleagues from the Innovation section have been sending us a lot to share with you these past few months, and we’ll continue to relay their messages and invitations to engage as long as innovation is the hype. Our guess is it’s here to stay.

    Finally, be ready to be back to school with the many learning opportunities availing themselves to you after the summer. Browse the Learning section of this issue to learn more and enroll!

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