Validation of COVID-19 vaccination status – reporting tool for access to the UN Complex

21 Sep 2021

All personnel working on the UN Complex are required to report their vaccination status. The information you provide will be subject to validation by the Joint Medical Service (JMS). Validated information will be shared with UNDSS for campus access management and with your respective entity for managing workplace COVID-19 preventive measures.

We ask all personnel to click the link COVID-19 Vaccination reporting to complete the form as soon as possible.  Ideally by 28 September 2021.  Please note that this information is collected by UNON on behalf of all entities working on the UN Gigiri campus.

What is the process to be followed once the online form is completed?

  1. The information will be shared with JMS for validation. JMS will review and determine whether a person’s vaccination status is such that they can be granted access to the UN Complex.  They will screen on the basis that the vaccines in question have been granted WHO emergency use authorization, or have been recognized by stringent regulatory authorities, or have been authorized for use by the certificate-issuing Member State.
  2. This system applies a simplified verification process for all those people who were vaccinated at JMS either through the Government of Kenya’s Chanjo or the UN’s Everbridge platform.  If you were not vaccinated at JMS, the UNON electronic platform will require you to upload evidence of your full vaccination. Acceptable vaccination documents/certificates should bear, at a minimum, the full name of the UN employee, the type of vaccine, date of full vaccination, batch number, and the authority administering the vaccine.
  3. The names of employees whose vaccination records are deemed valid by JMS will be passed to UNDSS who will activate their ground pass for access into the campus. This means the staff member will have access to the complex by swiping their card at the entry access points including into their respective office building.
  4. Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people, and those whose vaccination records cannot be validated by JMS, after completing the online form, will be notified and may be asked to provide more information or take specific action. In these circumstances their grounds passes will not grant them access to the UN Complex.
  5. A summary report showing the vaccination status of personnel by entity will be shared with the management of the relevant entity on a need-to-know basis.
  6. Data will be secured and protected from unauthorized access and will only be used for the specific purpose indicated above.
Posted on: 21 Sep 2021