UN System-wide Vaccination Program Registration

18 May 2021

Click here to register

For further information on UN led COVID-19 Vaccination Programme and FAQs please go to: https://www.un.org/en/coronavirus/vaccination

The message will contain a direct link to the platform, and everyone eligible will need to create an account and register for the rollout. On the registration platform, you will be asked to provide some basic details to determine eligibility and priority for the vaccinations. As supplies may initially be limited, the vaccinations will be rolled out in phases and colleagues with a high risk of infection due to the nature of their jobs will be vaccinated first. If you do not get a call for vaccination immediately, please know that as more shipments arrive in the coming months, everyone who wants a vaccination will eventually get the chance to receive one.

In addition, if you already had a first dose of the vaccine and wish to receive a second dose via the UN-led Vaccination program, please note that prioritization will be for those who are yet to receive their first dose. The Everbridge Platform is designed to prioritize those for who require the first COVID vaccine dose and currently recognizes “vaccinated” as “fully vaccinated” and will automatically disqualify entries indicating that the COVID-19 vaccine was already received. Any enhancements in the system to provide for a ''partially vaccinated'' option will communicated.

Meanwhile, we encourage those who received their first dose from the Government of Kenya program to wait for the second dose. Even as we encourage everyone to register on Everbridge, we would like to share information that the second dose of COVID-19 vaccination from the Government of Kenya will commence next month (June 2021), for those who received the first vaccination as confirmed in this morning’s press release.

Posted on: 18 May 2021