Temporary Job Openings in Inspira

02 Jul 2015

Dear Colleagues,

For your information, henceforth, all Temporary Job Openings (TJOs) will be advertised in inspira and applicants interested in applying for TJOs will need to complete and submit their application in inspira. The benefits are many, both from the manager and from the applicant perspective.

There is no substantive change to the standard process. Whereas the application for a TJO and the selection of a candidate will be done through inspira, each Office may continue to process the assessments in the same manner as before. If the review/evaluation is done in a spreadsheet, memo, table or other format, the final document can simply be uploaded in inspira. Evaluations may also be entered into inspira directly.

Important to note for Hiring Managers:

The TJO workflow in inspira follows the same work flow as for regular JOs, but has fewer steps. Please also take note of the following:

There is NO automated pre-screening for eligibility. Hiring Managers and EOs are responsible for ensuring that the recommended candidate meets the required suitability and eligibility requirements.
Hiring manager selects Òtemporary job openingÓ instead of Òstandard requisitionÓ.
Hiring manager creates pre-screening questions linked to the requirements of the job opening. Use of eliminatory pre-screening questions will assist managers to screen out candidates.
Hiring manager adds additional hiring managers and Êthe EO. The EO adds the selection delegate. The election delegate may be the Head of Department (HOD) or the individual who has been delegated by the HOD to select in inspira.

The following additional information is noteworthy:

Each Department/Office is accountable for ensuring that a competitive TJO selection process is undertaken in line with relevant provisions.
Note that TJOs in inspira may be used for advertising G-1 to G-4 as well as G-5 and above
Automatic notifications will be sent to candidates upon application. Ê
Selected candidate will receive automatic notification.
A Quick guide will be posted in inspira shortly

Should you have any questions on the revised process, please do not hesitate to contact your HR Recruitment Officer:

UNEP - Katherine Theotocatos or Karine Sarajyan
UNHabitat Ê- Eriko Kawakami
UNON- Eriko Kawakami


Deborah Ernst, Acting Chief
Human Resources Management Service
United Nations Office at Nairobi
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Mobile +254 713 601205

Posted on: 02 Jul 2015