Temporary Assignment of Patricia Holly to OED

15 Jan 2016

The ED has appointed Patricia Holly to temporary assist the office of the Executive Director as an adviser, to help in running the office.

Dear colleagues

Now that Andrew Cox has taken up his duties at the Management and Operations Division, I have started to look for a new Chief of Staff. The advertisement for this has already been on Inspira for a few weeks, and I will conclude this as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, I have asked Patricia Holly to temporarily assist the Office of the Executive Director as an adviser, to help in the running of the office. Andrew will formally continue to serve as Chief OED until the new Chief comes on board, but Patricia will help with much of the daily work of the office. She will help in particular with the following areas of work, in coordination with the Special Assistants and other OED colleagues:

  • Review mail and other correspondence to and from the ED and the office.
  • Assist in information flow and communications in coordination with AOC
  • Follow up on the management decisions of the ED with senior management and other staff as required.
  • Provide policy advice and support to the ED
  • Draft and/or edit briefs, reports and other written media.
  • Support the Chief, OED in carrying out his functions.
  • Assist in maintaining the work of the OED in any other area required by the ED.

I would like to thank Andre Dzikus and Dan Lewis for their support to OED during this time by releasing Patricia from her duties, and request that in this transition period, we all work closely together for the organisation."

Best regards

Dr. Joan Clos
Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director

Posted on: 19 Jan 2016