"Speak Up" An app on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abuse in the Workplace

03 Oct 2018

At our last Townhall on 21 September 2018, the Urban Basic Services Branch launched the “SpeakUP” application. 

Dear Colleagues,

At our last Townhall on 21 September 2018, the Urban Basic Services Branch launched the “SpeakUP” application. 

This application aims to:

  • Raise awareness on the prevention and prohibition of sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace.
  • Provide a single platform, a central repository, for users to easily access the necessary information about the rules and regulations that govern this type of misconduct in the United Nations (such as the attached ST/SGB/2008/5, ST/AI/2017/1 and OHRM’s Fact Sheet); including steps taken within the UN system to promote gender parity.
  • Provide the necessary information on ways to report such behaviour, to whom and where.
  • Access to call or email the 24-hour hotline resource being managed at UN Headquarters. 
  • Provide a list of frequently asked questions on sexual harassment and abuse.

Installation of the application:

  • The “SpeakUP" application is available from Google Play Store by searching “SpeakUP” or through the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.unhabitat.SpeakUP.  
  • The iOS version is being reviewed by Apple and we hope it will published on the App Store soon. In the meantime, staff can send their Apple ID to kennedy.kamau@un.org who will guide them on how to install the app from the Apple App Store.  
  • As we continue to develop and upgrade to the next version, we welcome feedback and suggestions from you on additional features that you would like incorporated.

I have shared this initiative with the Executive Office of the Secretary, with the view to obtain their feedback and guidance, and look forward to rolling this out to our sister agencies here at UNON with the view to sharing this resource with the wider UN system in the future. 

I would like to thank and commend the Urban Basic Services Branch for their initiative in this innovative endeavour and encourage you to share this importance resource widely within our Organisation.

Warm regards,

Maimunah Mohd Sharif

Posted on: 03 Oct 2018