Rules of the Procedure of the Functional Commissions of the Economic and Social Council

15 Apr 1982

T h e rules of procedur e of the functional commissions were initially adopte d by the Economi c an d Social Council in resoiution 100 (V) of 12 August 1947. After a comprehensive review, they were revised by the Council in resolution 289 (X) of 6 Marc h 1950. Th e present edition embodie s all the amendments adopte d by the Council since the latter dat e an d contained in the following resolutions an d decisions of the Council: resolution 481 (XV) of 1 April 1953; resolution 1231 (XLII) of 6 Jun e 1967; decision of 2 August 1968 (1561st meeting); resolution 1393 (XLVI) of 3 Jun e 1969; decision of 3 Jun e 1969 (1596th meeting); decision of 17 Novembe r 1969 (1647th meeting); decision 216 (LXII) of 26 April 1977; an d decision 1982/ 147 of 15 April 1982. 

Posted on: 01 Feb 2017