Results-based Self-Assessment for Closure of Project: Data Collection Template

11 Sep 2015

Instructions: The template has two sections. In the first section, please provide basic project data (i.e., Project Title, Brief description of the project, Project Leader/Branch, etc.). Subsequently, the second section serves to collect data along key assessment criteria. For each assessment criteria you will find a set of questions and one umbrella question (marked in blue). For each question fill-in the relevant answers/information. This means providing: (i) The Assessment (a narrative based on supporting examples), (ii) Concrete Supporting Examples, (iii) Data Sources for verification and (iv) Ranking (see the header marked in orange). Only umbrella questions require ranking as you will see indicated in the template with the ranking ranging from the lowest (“highly unsatisfactory”) the highest (“highly satisfactory”)  result.   

Posted on: 10 Sep 2015