New UN-Habitat Intranet

24 Aug 2015

Welcome to the UN-Habitat Intranet, now updated to improve the design, promote greater collaboration, and ensure accurate, relevant and timely information for staff. The Intranet is still accessible at the same address of

The new Intranet responds to the recommendation of the 2014 Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS)  Evaluation on improving knowledge management including those specific to improvements of UN-Habitat’s Intranet to be implemented in 2015.

The new Intranet provides staff with easy registration so that it is available to all staff who can update their own profiles including photographs, post items and provide comments.

Commonly required resources are now more prominent for easier access, the search is greatly improved, office pages, which include regions and branches, promote collaboration and team work while service pages provide vital information to staff on those services, including new polices and strategies, to enhance efficiency.  

The focal points listed on each service and office page can provide further support and information. 

Information on cross-cutting issues is also provided including mainstreaming tools, while pending tasks and alerts draw attention to important staff announcements and deadlines.   Intranet focal points in each office will ensure regular update of information about their offices and provide support to staff on usage.  

Your feedback and comments is very much appreciated; this can be given through the Feedback button at the bottom of each page.   You can also send an email to Hellen Nyabera at  

Here is thanking all those staff from the different offices and regions who have contributed to providing requirements, feedback and content for the new Intranet.

Posted on: 24 Aug 2015