Monthly journal articles on Human Settlements (September 2015)

29 Sep 2015

September 2015

Article Title Author Journal Issue and the Circulation date 
Housing and Slum Upgrading    
Does compact urban forms relate to good quality of life in high density cities of India? Case of Kolkata Ronita Bardhan, Kiyo Kurisu, Keisuke Hanaki Cities, Volume 48, November 2015, Pages 55-65
Viewing urban decay from the sky: A multi-scale analysis of residential vacancy in a shrinking U.S. city Chengbin Deng, Junjie Ma Landscape and Urban Planning, Volume 141, September 2015, Pages 88-99
Evaluating slum (favela) resettlements: The case of the Serra do Mar Project, São Paulo, Brazil Débora de Camargo Cavalheiro, Alex Abiko Habitat International, Volume 49, October 2015, Pages 340-348
Autonomous but constrained: CBOs and urban upgrading in Indonesia Ashok Das Cities, Volume 48, November 2015, Pages 8-20
A socio-spatial analysis of urban transformation at a neighborhood scale: The case of the relocation of Kadifekale inhabitants to TOKİ Uzundere in İzmir Meltem Eranıl Demirli, Zeynep Tuna Ultav, Neslihan Demirtaş-Milz Cities, Volume 48, November 2015, Pages 140-159
Africa’s urbanisation: Implications for sustainable development Patrick Brandful Cobbinah, Michael Odei Erdiaw-Kwasie, Paul Amoateng Cities, Volume 47, September 2015, Pages 62-72
Mega-regions in the Philippines: Accounting for special economic zones and global-local dynamics Arnisson Andre Ortega, Johanna Marie Astrid E. Acielo, Maria Celeste H. Hermida Cities, Volume 48, November 2015, Pages 130-139
Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation     
Global or local construction materials for post-disaster reconstruction? Sustainability assessment of twenty post-disastershelter designs E. Zea Escamilla, G. Habert Building and Environment, Volume 92, October 2015, Pages 692-702
A review of informal volunteerism in emergencies and disasters: Definition, opportunities and challenges Joshua Whittaker, Blythe McLennan, John Handmer International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Volume 13, September 2015, Pages 358-368
The Disaster-Knowledge Matrix – Reframing and evaluating the knowledge challenges in disaster risk reduction Raphael Spiekermann, Stefan Kienberger, John Norton, Fernando Briones, Juergen Weichselgartner International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Volume 13, September 2015, Pages 96-108
Disaster risk reduction or disaster risk production: The role of building regulations in mainstreaming DRR Ksenia Chmutina, Lee Bosher International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Volume 13, September 2015, Pages 10-19
Assessing urban flooding vulnerability with an emergy approach Li-Fang Chang, Shu-Li Huang Landscape and Urban Planning, Volume 143, November 2015, Pages 11-24
Urban Basic Services     
Manufacturing space: Hypergrowth and the Underwater City in Singapore Sulfikar Amir Cities, Volume 49, December 2015, Pages 98-105
Energy efficiency of lighting installations: Software application and experimental validation J.A. Lobão, T. Devezas, J.P.S. Catalão Energy Reports, Volume 1, November 2015, Pages 110-115
Re-conceptualizing accessibility to parks in multi-modal cities: A Variable-width Floating Catchment Area (VFCA) method Coline C. Dony, Eric M. Delmelle, Elizabeth C. Delmelle Landscape and Urban Planning, Volume 143, November 2015, Pages 90-99
Water management for sustainable and clean energy in Turkey Ibrahim Yuksel Energy Reports, Volume 1, November 2015, Pages 129-133
“Let׳s do it ourselves” Individual motivations for investing in renewables at community level Gabriella Dóci, Eleftheria Vasileiadou Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 49, September 2015, Pages 41-50
The generation of stakeholder's knowledge for solid waste management planning through action research: A case study from Busia, Uganda Jakob Lederer, Amosiah Ongatai, Dyllis Odeda, Hamis Rashid, Simon Otim, Medrine Nabaasa Habitat International, Volume 50, December 2015, Pages 99-109
Urban Economy    
Exploring the economic case for climate action in cities Andy Gouldson, Sarah Colenbrander, Andrew Sudmant, Faye McAnulla, Niall Kerr, Paola Sakai, Stephen Hall, Effie Papargyropoulou, Johan Kuylenstierna Global Environmental Change, Volume 35, November 2015, Pages 93-105
Linking food and land systems for sustainable peri-urban agriculture in Bangkok Metropolitan Region Kazuaki Tsuchiya, Yuji Hara, Danai Thaitakoo Landscape and Urban Planning, Volume 143, November 2015, Pages 192-204
An exploration of the political economy dynamics shaping health worker incentives in three districts in Sierra Leone Maria Paola Bertone, Sophie Witter Social Science & Medicine, Volume 141, September 2015, Pages 56-63
Integrated approach for school buildings rehabilitation in a Portuguese city and analysis of suitable third party financingsolutions in EU Ana Brás, Ana Rocha, Pedro Faustino Journal of Building Engineering, Volume 3, September 2015, Pages 79-93
Socio-spatial restructuring in Shanghai: Sorting out where you live by affordability and social status Shangguang Yang, Mark Y.L. Wang, Chunlan Wang Cities, Volume 47, September 2015, Pages 23-34
The rise of international financial centers in mainland China Ke Chen, Guo Chen Cities, Volume 47, September 2015, Pages 10-22
Free markets and foreclosures: An examination of contradictions in neoliberal urbanization in Houston, Texas David L. Derossett Cities, Volume 47, September 2015, Pages 1-9
Urban Land Legislation and Governance    
The use of ex-ante modelling tools in European Impact Assessment: What role does land use play? Andreas Thiel Land Use Policy, Volume 26, Issue 4, October 2009, Pages 1138-1148
Land use implications of future energy system trajectories—The case of the UK 2050 Carbon Plan D. Dennis Konadu, Zenaida Sobral Mourão, Julian M. Allwood, Keith S. Richards, Grant Kopec, Richard McMahon, Richard  Energy Policy, Volume 86, November 2015, Pages 328-337
Toronto’s governance crisis: A global city under pressure Meghan Joy, Ronald K. Vogel Cities, Volume 49, December 2015, Pages 35-52
Cities, Territories, and Inclusive Growth: Unraveling Urban–Rural Linkages in Chile, Colombia, and Mexico Julio A. Berdegué, Fernando Carriazo, Benjamín Jara, Félix Modrego, Isidro Soloaga World Development, Volume 73, September 2015, Pages 56-71
Functional Land Management for managing soil functions: A case-study of the trade-off between primary productivity and carbon storage in response to the intervention of drainage systems in Ireland L. O'Sullivan, R.E. Creamer, R. Fealy, G. Lanigan, I. Simo, O. Fenton, J. Carfrae, R.P.O. Schulte Land Use Policy, Volume 47, September 2015, Pages 42-54
Monitoring land take by point sampling: Pace and dynamics of urban expansion in the Metropolitan City of Rome Quatrini Valerio, Barbati Anna, Carbone Francesco, Giuliarelli Diego, Russo Dalila, Corona Piermaria Landscape and Urban Planning, Volume 143, November 2015, Pages 126-133
Urban Planning and Design     
How much sustainability substance is in urban visions? – An analysis of visioning projects in urban planning Beatrice John, Lauren Withycombe Keeler, Arnim Wiek, Daniel J. Lang Cities, Volume 48, November 2015, Pages 86-98
The use of university research in planning decision making in Jordanian municipalities Jamal Ahmad Alnsour, Julia Meaton Habitat International, Volume 49, October 2015, Pages 206-211
Spatially uneven development and low carbon transitions: Insights from urban and regional planning Nazmiye Balta-Ozkan, Tom Watson, Elisabetta Mocca Energy Policy, Volume 85, October 2015, Pages 500-510
A framework for incorporating fine-scale dispersal behaviour into biodiversity conservation planning Alex M. Lechner, Veronica Doerr, Rebecca M.B. Harris, Erik Doerr, Edward C. Lefroy Landscape and Urban Planning, Volume 141, September 2015, Pages 11-23
Reducing the extinction of experience: Association between urban form and recreational use of public greenspace Masashi Soga, Yuichi Yamaura, Tetsuya Aikoh, Yasushi Shoji, Takahiro Kubo, Kevin J. Gaston Landscape and Urban Planning, Volume 143, November 2015, Pages 69-75
Smart cities: A conjuncture of four forces Margarita Angelidou Cities, Volume 47, September 2015, Pages 95-106
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