07 Jun 2024


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    Urban Planning and Design  
Balancing urban expansion with ecological integrity: An ESP framework for rapidly urbanizing small and medium-sized cities, with insights from Suizhou, China Chen JiayuXue JiefuWang Yiwu   Ecological InformaticsMay 2024
Assessing the Impact of Urban Expansion on Carbon Emission M. N. RahmanK. S. AkterM. I. Faridatul   Environmental and Sustainability IndicatorsAvailable online 28 May 2024
Urban transformations in intermediate cities under the logic of neoliberal urbanism: The case of Monteria, Colombia Ubeimar MartinezVasco BarbosaUlf Thoene   Regional Science Policy & PracticeAvailable online 1 May 2024
Understanding urban densification in Latin American cities: determinants of the production of built space in informal areas in Bogota (2007-2018) Angélica Patricia Camargo SierraAlex Smith Araque SolanoDavid Holguín Lozano   CitiesMay 2024
Observing the dynamics of urban growth of Al-Baha City using GIS (2006–2021) Abdulaziz AlzahraniNaief AldossaryJamal Alghamdi   Alexandria Engineering JournalMay 2024
The impact of China railway express on foreign direct investment inflows in Chinese central and western cities Jingjing LiuZongbin ZhangTingwei Chen   Heliyon15 May 2024
Does the transformation of energy structure promote green technological innovation? A quasi–natural experiment based on new energy demonstration city construction Chuanming LiuChang TangYiding Liu   Geoscience FrontiersMay 2024
CA-based urban growth model considering the temporal dynamic adjustment of local spatial driving factors: An application in Wuhan City Jianwei SunQingsong HeHaofeng Wang   Heliyon15 May 2024
Smart city development: Data sharing vs. data protection legislations Aaron JoyceVahid Javidroozi   CitiesMay 2024
Exploring diverse interests of collaborators in smart cities: A topic analysis using LDA and BERT Jihye LimJunseok Hwang   Heliyon15 May 2024
Smart city and green innovation: Mechanisms and industrial emission reduction effect Qianqian Sun   Heliyon15 May 2024
Smart cities as spatial manifestations of 21st century capitalism Martin De JongSimon JossAraz Taeihagh   Technological Forecasting and Social ChangeMay 2024
    Urban Basic Services  
Waste to energy feasibility, challenges, and perspective in municipal solid waste incineration and implementation: A case study for Pakistan Abdul Mannan ZafarSahar ShahidSami Souissi   Chemical Engineering Journal Advances15 May 2024
Recovery of plastic packaging from mixed municipal solid waste. A case study from Austria Dominik BlasenbauerAnna-Maria LippJakob Lederer   Waste Management15 May 2024
Variation in municipal solid waste generation and management across time and space Firman FirmansyahIsabella ParkDavid J. Tonjes   Resources, Conservation and RecyclingMay 2024
Making cities clean with collaborative governance of solid waste infrastructure in Ghana Rebecca LewisRebecca ScottTanja Radu   International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental HealthJune 2024
Catalyzing sustainable development: Exploring the interplay between access to clean water, sanitation, renewable energy and electricity services in shaping China's energy, economic growth, and environmental landscape Shiqi WangManman ZhangQamar Ali   Heliyon30 May 2024
Clean energy synergy with electric vehicles: Insights into carbon footprint Liang ChenRui Ma   Energy Strategy ReviewsMay 2024
Envisioning of smart cycling in seven cities: Discourse analysis of official city documents Mennatullah HendawyMilan HusarZainab Al Mansour   Ain Shams Engineering JournalAvailable online 3 May 2024
Research on optimization method for traffic signal control at intersections in smart cities based on adaptive artificial fish swarm algorithm Jingya WeiYongfeng Ju   Heliyon30 May 2024
An integrated approach for urban green travel environments: Planning factors, benefits and barriers as perceived by users and planners Yu LiuMegan Lynn MaurerAnton Stahl Olafsson   Journal of Transport GeographyMay 2024
    Urban Economy  
Rethinking blue economy governance – A blue economy equity model as an approach to operationalise equity Freya CroftHugh BreakeyAngelique Pouponneau   Environmental Science & PolicyMay 2024
What implications do primary energy use, urban population agglomeration, and economic development rendered to Romania's environmental sustainability? Ciurlau LoredanaAbdul RehmanLaura Mariana Cisma?   Energy Strategy ReviewsMay 2024
Digital economy exhibits varying degrees of mitigation of air pollution in China: Total cities-Economic subdivisions-Urban agglomerations Guoen WeiYiting YangBao-Jie He   iScienceAvailable online 23 May 2024
The Kuwaiti blue economy and its potential obstacles Mohammad E A Alqattan   Heliyon30 May 2024
From concept to practice: financing sustainable blue economy in Small Island Developing States, lessons learnt from the Seychelles experience Dominique BenzakenJean Paul AdamMichelle Voyer   Marine PolicyMay 2024
Pricing carbon in a multi-sector economy with social discounting Oliver KalsbachSebastian Rausch   Journal of Environmental Economics and ManagementMay 2024
Residents' preferences for urban agriculture in Shanghai Shengyi DuKatsuya Tanaka   Heliyon30 May 2024
Urban food security and socioeconomic sustainability: A multidimensional perspective Adesola Adebola Ikudayisi   Green Technologies and SustainabilityMay 2024
Optimizing green supply chain circular economy in smart cities with integrated machine learning technology Tao LiuXin GuanYadong Wang   Heliyon15 May 2024
    Housing and Slum Upgrading  
How do local governments respond to central mandate in affordable housing policy? A qualitative comparative analysis of forty-one Chinese cities Luyao MaZhilin Liu   Journal of Urban ManagementAvailable online 23 May 2024
Considering the importance of transport to the wellbeing of Māori social housing residents Els RussellChristina McKercharHelen Fitt   Journal of Transport & HealthMay 2024
A hierarchical model of accelerating factors to promote urban renewal and reconstruction of unsafe and old buildings Shih-Ming LinCathy C. W. HungHsin-Yun Lee   Heliyon30 May 2024
Understanding urban densification in Latin American cities: determinants of the production of built space in informal areas in Bogota (2007-2018) Angélica Patricia Camargo SierraAlex Smith Araque SolanoDavid Holguín Lozano   CitiesMay 2024
Informal / formal morphogenesis in Latin American settlements: A response to the problem of urban fragmentation Carlos Augusto Martínez MuñozFrancisco Javier Maroto Ramos   Journal of Urban ManagementAvailable online 23 May 2024
Ethnicity, social connectedness, and the rural-urban food continuum: Food security among urban informal settlement dwellers in Kenya Oscar Ingasia Ayuya   Heliyon15 May 2024
Green infrastructure inequalities in informal settlements Elgar KamjouMark ScottMick Lennon   Habitat InternationalMay 2024
    Urban Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation
Integrating technical and societal strategies in Nature-based Solutions for urban flood mitigation in Guangzhou, a heritage city Jin Su, Mo Wang, Mohd Adib Mohammad Razi   Ecological IndicatorsMay 2024
Connected urban green spaces for pluvial flood risk reduction in the Metropolitan area of Milan Andrea StaccioneArthur Hrast EssenfelderJaroslav Mysiak   Sustainable Cities and SocietyMay 2024
Placemaking mediating dilemmas by addressing the gaps in post-disaster recovery process: Long-term citizen-driven place-nurturing in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina Tomoko MatsushitaYegane GhezellooGalen Newman   International Journal of Disaster Risk ReductionMay 2024
Towards resilient cities: A hybrid simulation framework for risk mitigation through data-driven decision making David CarramiñanaAna M. BernardosJosé R. Casar   Simulation Modelling Practice and TheoryMay 2024
Bridging gaps between disaster risk reduction and drowning prevention Loïc Le Dé   International Journal of Disaster Risk ReductionMay 2024
Planning scale flood risk assessment and prediction in ultra-high density urban environments: The case of Hong Kong Xinyue GuXintao Liu   Ecological IndicatorsMay 2024
Urban pluvial flood modelling in the absence of sewer drainage network data: A physics-based approach C. MontalvoJ. D. Reyes-SilvaJ. Puertas   Journal of HydrologyMay 2024
    Urban Land Legislation and Governance
Public land leases, reforms and (in)stability of municipal revenues in Poland – The case of Poznan city Radoslaw TrojanekMichal GluszakMaria Trojanek   CitiesMay 2024
Beyond land use planning and ecosystem services assessment with the conservation use potential framework: A study in the Upper Rio das Velhas basin, Brazil Maíse Soares de MouraVictor Cordeiro da SilvaAdriana Monteiro da Costa   Science of The Total Environment1 May 2024
Environmental regulation influences urban land green use efficiency: Incentive or disincentive effect? Evidence from China Shouchao HeXuyun GongLindong Ma   Heliyon15 May 2024
Synergy level of urban resilience and urban land use efficiency in the Yellow River Basin: Spatial-temporal evolution characteristics and driving factors Haiyang LiMengying ZhuYing Wang   Heliyon30 May 2024
Impact of diseconomy of mixed land-use on factory land redevelopment in large urban area: Evidence from Japan Shinya FukuiDung Luong Anh   Japan and the World EconomyAvailable online 18 May 2024
Mapping the character of urban districts: The morphology, land use and visual character of Chinatowns Quentin StevensHa Minh Hai Thai   CitiesMay 2024
    Cross Cutting  
Are cities taking action against urban overheating? Insights from over 7,500 local climate actions Giulia UlpianiAldo TrevilleMat Santamouris   One Earth17 May 2024
Determinants of school dropouts and the impact on youth unemployment: Evidence from Ethiopia Million SileshiKedir JemalBekele Wegi Feyisa   Economic SystemsAvailable online 11 May 2024
From crisis to capacity: Lessons learned from youth e-mentoring during the COVID-19 pandemic Kate WrightDeborah K. LevineMichelle R. Kaufman   Computers in Human Behavior ReportsMay 2024
Challenges for mainstreaming climate adaptation in African cities. A case study of Kigali, Rwanda Emmanuel MwenjeParveen Kumar   Landscape and Urban PlanningMay 2024
Pathways to 15-Minute City adoption: Can our understanding of climate policies' acceptability explain the backlash towards x-minute city programs? Oriol MarquetLaia MojicaMonika Maciejewska   CitiesMay 2024
Just food transition: for a gender mainstreaming approach in urban food policies. A review of 20 cities Chiara Bergonzini   CitiesMay 2024
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