Monthly Journal Articles on Human Settlements (February & March 2024)

08 Apr 2024

Monthly Journal Articles on Human Settlements

Urban Planning and Design


Preserving enough? A randomised controlled trial approach to determine relevant urban planning regulations for small touristic towns – A case of Chiloé, Chile

Pablo Navarrete-Hernandez,Juan Pablo Urrutia,Kaoutar Mellouki

Habitat International11 March 2024

Exploring urban planning as a lever for emission and exposure control: Analysis of master plan actions over greater Paris

Arthur Elessa Etuman,Isabelle Coll,Caroline Gallez

Atmospheric Environment: XAvailable online 22 March 2024

Car ownership in growing Lagos and Johannesburg, Africa: Urban planning and user views

Idowu Racheal BodunrinSimphiwe Enoch Mini

Urban GovernanceAvailable online 24 January 202

Towards cool cities and communities: Preparing for an increasingly hot future by the development of heat-resilient infrastructure and urban heat management plan

Yi CuiMingqiang YinBao-Jie He

Environmental Technology & Innovation9 February 2024

Why daylight should be a priority for urban planning

Carlo VolfBruno BuenoChristoph Kueffer

Journal of Urban ManagementAvailable online 29 February 2024

A novel entropy-based method for quantifying urban energy demand aggregation: Implications for urban planning and policy

Renfang WangXiufeng LiuHong Qiu

Sustainable Cities and Society19 February 2024

A global review of urban blue-green planning tools

A. Chathurika S. PereraPeter J. DaviesPetra L. Graham

Land Use Policy14 February 2024

From strategy to implementation: Mainstreaming urban green infrastructure in Austria’s spatial planning instruments for climate change adaptation

Florian ReinwaldRoswitha WeichselbaumerDoris Damyanovic

Urban Forestry & Urban Greening2 February 2024

Smart cities and innovative urban management: Perspectives of integrated technological solutions in urban environments

Elizeu JacquesAlvaro Neuenfeldt JúniorJulio Siluk

Heliyon15 March 2024

Urban Basic Services


Bicycle as a traffic mode: From microscopic cycling behavior to macroscopic bicycle flow

Ying-Chuan NiMichail A. MakridisAnastasios Kouvelas

Journal of Cycling and Micromobility ResearchAvailable online 20 March 2024

Evaluating cyclist ride quality on different bicycle streets

Tufail AhmedAli PirdavaniDavy Janssens

Transportation Research Procedia23 February 2024

A meta-analysis of safety countermeasures for vulnerable users on urban roads

Pedro Henrique Vicentini da SilvaBarbara Stolte Bezerra

Transportation Research Procedia23 February 2024

Effects of crowding on route preferences and perceived safety of urban cyclists in the Netherlands

Teun UijtdewilligenMehmet Baran UlakKarst T. Geurs

Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice23 March 2024

Cycling and non-aggressive driving in urban areas: What are the factors enabling them and how environment-friendly behaviour underpins their relationship?

Alexandros OikonomouSocrates BasbasGeorgios Georgiadis

Journal of Transport & Health12 February 2024

Active and healthy ageing: Factors associated with bicycle use and frequency among older adults- A case study in Munich

María Teresa Baquero LarrivaBenjamin BüttnerDavid Durán-Rodas

Journal of Transport & Health10 February 2024

Bicycles and micromobility for disaster response and recovery

Dillon T. Fitch-PolseChen ChenStephen D. Wong

Transport Policy22 February 2024

Preparing schools for future pandemics: Insights on water, sanitation and hygiene solutions from the Brazilian school reopening policies

Kasandra I. H. M. PoagueJustine I. BlanfordCarmen Anthonj

International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health7 February 2024

The implication of water accessibility challenges to urban water governance in Morogoro municipality, Tanzania

Samwel J. Kabote

Heliyon17 March 2024

Assessing the defecation practices of unsheltered individuals and their contributions to microbial water quality in an arid, urban watershed

J. B. HindsTeevrat GargKenneth Schiff

Science of The Total Environment7 February 2024

Design of an innovative sanitation system for bike-sharing service

Leonardo FrizzieroGiampiero DonniciMarco Freddi

Heliyon20 February 2024

‘Everything is different here…’: The effects of mismatched mobility cultures and differential capacities on the urban vélomobility practices of refugee and asylum seeking women in Germany

Shahrzad Enderle

Travel Behaviour and Society26 February 2024

Life cycle analysis of bike sharing systems: A case study of Washington D.C.

Yan ChenDegui ZengD'Maris Coffman

Environmental Impact Assessment Review28 February 2024

The role of traffic simulation in shaping effective and sustainable innovative urban delivery interventions

Yijie SuHadi GhaderiHussein Dia

EURO Journal on Transportation and LogisticsAvailable online 11 March 2024

Governance of automated vehicle in the urban transport system: Insight from a willingness-to-use survey and Norwegian cultural context

Wale ArowoloMagnus LarssonIsabelle Nicolaï

Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives20 February 2024

Performance-Based contracting of urban transport operation Services: Evidence from Porto’s Light-Rail

Mário Coutinho dos SantosJoão M. PintoPedro Verga Matos

Case Studies on Transport PolicyAvailable online 25 March 2024

An integrated bus transit service for demand-responsive urban public transport

Mario MarinelliMariano Gallo

Transportation Research Procedia23 February 2024

Urban infrastructure reconfiguration and digital platforms: Who is in control?

Mike HodsonAndrew McMeekinAndy Lockhart

Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions2 February 2024

The retailer perspective on the potential for using urban consolidation centres (UCCs)

Emine Zehra AkgünJason MoniosAchille Fonzone

Research in Transportation Economics28 February 2024

Spatial dimension of accidents involving pedelecs 25 and conventional bicycles

Tobias PanwinklerChristian Holz-RauJoachim Scheiner

Transportation Engineering20 February 2024

Investigation of environmental and health impacts solid waste management problems and associated factors in Asella town, Ethiopia

Amde EsheteAlemayehu HaddisEmbialle Mengistie

Heliyon17 March 2024

Management of solid waste by households at Nkayi growth point in Zimbabwe

Witness DlaminiWhitehead Zikhali

Waste Management Bulletin9 February 2024

Sustainable urban development: Evaluating the potential of mineral-based construction and demolition waste recycling in emerging economies

Hammadhu HaitherAliAnjali G

Sustainable Futures5 March 2024

Assessing the environmental impact of plastic flows in urban areas: A life cycle assessment and scenario analysis study

Kristijan BrglezLidija CucekRebeka Kovacic Lukman

Journal of Cleaner Production15 March 2024

Development of municipal solid waste management guidelines in biological crisis based on international experiences and considering local techno-economic characteristics

Soudeh NajafiFarhad KhosravaniJavad Torkashvand

Results in Engineering20 March 2024

A fuzzy synthetic evaluation approach to assess the risks associated with municipal waste management: Implications for sustainability

Prishni BhattacharyaRidwan Al AzizA. B. M. Mainul Bari

Green Technologies and Sustainability13 March 2024

Smart city solutions: Comparative analysis of waste management models in IoT-enabled environments using multiagent simulation

Dr. Iftikhar HussainDr. Adel ElomriDr. Abdelfatteh El Omri

Sustainable Cities and Society2 February 2024

Sustainable solid waste management challenges in hill cities of developing Countries: Insights from eastern Himalayan smart cities of Sikkim, India

Srijana RaiAditi GurungVenkata Ravi Sankar Cheela

Waste Management Bulletin1 March 2024

Municipal solid waste management in Scandinavia and key factors for improved waste segregation: A review

Arifin SandhiJoacim Rosenlund

Cleaner Waste Systems14 March 2024

Can interventions improve waste management by the households? lessons from a randomized experiment in Sri Lanka

Asankha PallegedaraAjantha Sisira KumaraR. N. K. Soysa

Waste Management Bulletin9 February 2024

Effectiveness of traditional solid waste management system of rural communities: A case study in the Kwahu East District, Ghana

Bosompem Ahunoabobirim AgyaAndré RückertChristina Dornack

Environmental Challenges9 February 2024

Landfill site selection for sustainable solid waste management using multiple-criteria decision-making. Case study: Al-Balqa governorate in Jordan

Omar S. ArabeyyatNawaras ShatnawiAta Al Shraah

MethodsX3 February 2024

Urban Economy


Baobab trees population and economic contribution: Stems density, asset value and fruits value chains in Kilolo and Iringa Urban districts, Tanzania

Mariana Antony NgoleLeopold Pascal LusamboBeatus John Temu

Trees, Forests and People2 March 2024

Farm factors influencing spatial variations of cropland use and change in the context of urban expansion: The case of Jimma City, Southwest Ethiopia

Bahiru Haile AboyeTegegne Gebre-EgziabherBelaynesh Kebede

Journal of Agriculture and Food Research23 February 2024

Exploring a geodesign approach for circular economy transition of cities and regions: Three European cases

Cecilia FurlanChiara MazzarellaMaria Cerreta

Cities18 March 2024

The digital economy and job quality: Facilitator or inhibitor? --Evidence from micro-individuals

Yun CaiShuqing LiuXia Zhang

Heliyon16 February 2024

Sustainable urban development: Evaluating the potential of mineral-based construction and demolition waste recycling in emerging economies

Hammadhu HaitherAliAnjali G

Sustainable Futures5 March 2024

Urban agglomeration and regional economic performance connectedness: Thin ice in developing regions

Isaiah MaketIzabella Szakálné KanóZsófia Vas

Research in Globalization17 March 2024

Research on the green innovation effect of digital economy network – Empirical evidence from the manufacturing industry in the Yangtze River Delta

Zhang XiufanWu XiaominFu Ningning

Environmental Technology & Innovation13 March 2024

Development of a circularity design methodology for urban factories based on systemic thinking and stakeholders engagement

Walid IjassiDamien EvrardPeggy Zwolinski

Sustainable Production and Consumption15 March 2024

Rethinking blue economy governance – A blue economy equity model as an approach to operationalise equity

Freya CroftHugh BreakeyAngelique Pouponneau

Environmental Science & Policy12 March 2024

From concept to practice: financing sustainable blue economy in Small Island Developing States, lessons learnt from the Seychelles experience

Dominique BenzakenJean Paul AdamMichelle Voyer

Marine Policy14 March 2024

Mapping flows of blue economy finance: ambitious narratives, opaque actions, and social equity risks

Marleen Simone SchutterAndrés Cisneros-MontemayorEssam Yassin Mohammed

One EarthAvailable online 15 March 2024

Circular economy barriers in Australia: How to translate theory into practice?

Jessica FeldmanHannah SeligmannPaulomi (Polly) Burey

Sustainable Production and Consumption7 February 2024

Housing and Slum upgrading


Reframing urban informality: Gendered impacts of COVID-19 in Bangladeshi slums

Sajal RoyKrishna K. ShresthaRumana Sultana

Progress in Disaster Science5 March 2024

Revolutionizing affordable housing in Africa: A comprehensive technical and sustainability study of 3D-printing technology

Alireza MoghayediJeffrey MahachiEphraim Phalafala

Sustainable Cities and Society11 March 2024

Does the urban–rural income gap matter for rural energy poverty?

Yi-Shuai RenXianhua KuangTony Klein

Energy Policy25 January 2024

Just transitions and sociotechnical innovation in the social housing sector: An assemblage analysis of residents’ perspectives

Matthew CottonPaul Van SchaikElena Imani

Technology in Society12 March 2024

Understanding urban densification in Latin American cities: determinants of the production of built space in informal areas in Bogota (2007-2018)

Angélica Patricia Camargo SierraAlex Smith Araque SolanoDavid Holguín Lozano

Cities9 February 2024

Influencing factors and spatial differentiation of rental housing in a smart city: A GWR model analysis

Wen ZhaoJie ZhongJiale Lv

Measurement: Sensors15 March 2024

Impacts of characteristics of service facilities in metro station area on housing prices

Minqing ZhuChengwang ZhouXinwei Ma

International Journal of Transportation Science and TechnologyAvailable online 1 February 2024

Identifying the spatial heterogeneity of housing financialization in China: Insights from a multiscale geographically weighted regression

Yang WangXiaoli YueGengzhi Huang

Heliyon12 March 2024

Young workers, jobs-housing balance, and commute distance: Findings from two high-housing-cost U.S. regions

Evelyn BlumenbergHannah King

Cities8 February 2024

The external effects of public housing developments on informal housing: The case of Medellín, Colombia

Héctor M. PosadaAndres García-SuazaDavid Londoño

Papers in Regional ScienceFebruary 2024

Social capital and community-driven development: A multi-group analysis of migrant and indigenous informal settlements in Greater Accra, Ghana

Beatrice Eyram Afi ZiorkluiSeth Asare OkyereLouis Kusi Frimpong

Habitat International3 February 2024

Substandard housing and the risk of COVID-19 infection and disease severity: A retrospective cohort study

Katharine RobbRowana AhmedJorrit de Jong

SSM - Population Health13 February 2024

Urban Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation


Behavioural-based risk of the Built Environment: Key Performance Indicators for Sudden-Onset Disaster in urban open spaces

Alessandro D'AmicoGessica SparvoliEnrico Quagliarini

International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction14 February 2024

Exploring Innovative Techniques for Damage Control During Natural Disasters

Moinak MaitiParthajit Kayal

Journal of Safety Science and ResilienceAvailable online 14 March 2024

Community-based fire management and beyond: Role and problems of volunteer fire department shōbōdan in japanese urban spaces and peri-urban forest environments

Kyoko Ito-Morales

Trees, Forests and PeopleAvailable online 11 March 2024

Coping with urban flooding: A community portrayal of Bardhhaman Town, West Bengal, India

Soumita BanerjeeGupinath Bhandari

Regional Science Policy & PracticeAvailable online 8 March 2024

Filling the void: Rural disaster volunteerism during the Swedish wildfires of 2018

Linda KvarnlöfKerstin Eriksson

International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction17 March 2024

Enhancing disaster management effectiveness: A integrated analysis of key factors and practical strategies through Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and Scopus Data Text Mining

Samuel Mores GeddamC. A. Raj Kiran

Geohazard MechanicsAvailable online 24 March 2024

Disaster Resilience Scale for individuals: A fundamental requirement for a disaster-resilient society

Anna MatsukawaShingo NagamatsuHaruo Hayashi

International Journal of Disaster Risk ReductionAvailable online 26 March 2024

A multi-objective optimization model to minimize the evacuation time during a disaster considering reconstruction activity and uncertainty: A case study of Cork City

Elnaz BakhshianBeatriz Martinez-Pastor

Transportation Engineering24 February 2024

Natural disasters and local government finance: Evidence from Typhoon Haiyan

Joseph CapunoJose CorpuzSamuel Lordemus

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization18 March 2024

Disrupted sense of place and infrastructure reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Nanako RezaAaron OpdykeChiho Ochiai

Progress in Disaster Science19 March 2024

Post-displacement placemaking to reconnect social capital after the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami in Arahama, Japan

Yegane GhezellooRyuta HaraTamiyo Kondo

International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction12 February 2024

Urban Land Legislation and Governance


Land use planning and climate change adaptation in river-dependent communities in Nigeria

Cyril EffiongEric NgangIdibeke Ekott

Environmental Development15 February 2024

Effects of different land-use planning instruments on urban shrub and tree canopy cover in Zurich, Switzerland

Franziska B. SchmidAnna M. HerspergerFelix Kienast

Urban Forestry & Urban Greening27 February 2024

Addressing land use planning: A methodology for assessing pre- and post-landslide event urban configurations

Federico FalascaCamilla SetteCristina Montaldi

Science of The Total Environment24 February 2024

Planning the multifunctionality of nature-based solutions in urban spaces

Alida AlvesCarlo van OpstalWei-Shan Chen

Cities10 January 2024

Urban systems exploration: A generic process for multi-objective urban planning to support decision making in early design phases

Roland ReitbergerNicolai PalmWerner Lang

Building and Environment29 February 2024

Predicting context-sensitive urban green space quality to support urban green infrastructure planning

Anna KajosaariKamyar HasanzadehMarketta Kyttä

Landscape and Urban Planning22 November 2023

Integrating pattern, process, and function in urban landscape ecological network planning: A case study of Harbin central city

Shuang SongYue GongYafang Yu

Ecological Indicators3 February 2024

Assessing the impact of urban planning policies on renewable energy: A case a China using the DID estimation model

Rui GeShan XuPeter Mark

Heliyon24 February 2024

Verifying the effectiveness of area division for land and population: The case of the Kofu urban area, Japan

Qiaoyu PanKuniaki Sasaki

Asian Transport Studies7 February 2024



Associations between green space availability and youth’s physical activity in urban and rural areas across Germany

Carina NiggJanis FiedlerJasper Schipperijn

Landscape and Urban Planning26 March 2024

Applying the index of vulnerability approach to understand water insecurity and other social-ecological factors associated with depression among urban refugee youth in Kampala, Uganda

Carmen H. LogieMoses OkumuLawrence Mbuagbaw

SSM - Mental HealthAvailable online 29 February 2024

Return to the countryside: An ethnographic study of young urbanites in Japan's shrinking regions

Nancy Yao Ji

Journal of Rural Studies5 March 2024

Energy poverty and gender equality in education: Unpacking the transmission channels

Alex O. AcheampongEric Evans Osei OpokuJanet Dzator

Technological Forecasting and Social Change23 February 2024

SDG 4 mid-point challenge: Fixing the broken interlinkages between education and gender equality

M. Niaz AsadullahAmber WebbKazi Md Mukitul Islam

International Journal of Educational Development29 February 2024

Exploring ecosocial contexts of alcohol use and misuse during the COVID-19 pandemic among urban refugee youth in Kampala, Uganda: Multi-method findings

Carmen H. LogieMoses OkumuPeter Kyambadde

Journal of Migration and Health8 February 2024

Breaking boundaries: Exploring gendered challenges and advancing equality for Iranian women careers in tourism

María Jesús Carrasco-SantosSiamak SeyfiRafael Cortes Macías

Tourism Management26 February 2024

Reducing the gender gap in parental leave through economic incentives? – Evidence from the gender equality bonus in Sweden

Olof Rosenqvist

Labour EconomicsAvailable online 19 March 2024

From gender gaps to gender-transformative climate-smart agriculture

Sophia HuyerAna Maria LoboguerreroOlga Spellman

Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability10 February 2024

Gender equity in key agricultural policy documents in Cambodia and Vietnam from 2001 to 2021

Linh Ngoc NgoThi Quyen Tran

Social Sciences & Humanities Open16 February 2024

Assessing urban social sustainability with the Place Standard Tool: Measurement, findings, and guidance

Kostas MouratidisHege HofstadBent Olav Olsen

Cities22 February 2024

Does volunteering impact refugee women's life satisfaction, empowerment, and wellbeing? Experimental evidence, local knowledge, and causal reasoning

Catherine Panter-BrickJannik J. EggermanPraveen Kumar

Social Science & MedicineAvailable online 2 March 2024

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