Monthly Journal Articles on Human Settlements (August 2016)

14 Sep 2016
Urban Research August 2016 
Article Title Author Subject Journal Issue and the Circulation date 
    Urban Planning and Design  
Heritage Planning: Adaptation of the “Old & New Approach” Towards Estblishing Conservation Areas in Metropolitan Cities Mai A. Hawas, Mohamed A. Hawas   Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 225, 14 July 2016, Pages 348-363
Quality of life in cities – Empirical evidence in comparative European perspective Dorota Węziak-Białowolska   Cities, Volume 58, October 2016, Pages 87-96
Ecosystem services in urban planning: Comparative paradigms and guidelines for high quality plans Sierra C. Woodruff, Todd K. BenDor   Landscape and Urban Planning, Volume 152, August 2016, Pages 90-100
Contribution of City Prosperity to Decisions on Healthy Building Design: A case study of Tehran Negar Mohtashami, Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad, Mohammadreza Bemanian   Frontiers of Architectural Research, Volume 5, Issue 3, September 2016, Pages 319-331
Cool city as a sustainable example of heat island management case study of the coolest city in the world Reeman Mohammed Rehan   HBRC Journal, Volume 12, Issue 2, August 2016, Pages 191-204
Financial incentives: Possible options for sustainable rangeland management? Mounir Louhaichi, Yigezu A. Yigezu, Jutta Werner, Lojoo Dashtseren, Tamer El-Shater, Mohamed Ahmed   Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 180, 15 September 2016, Pages 493-503
Modelling the future impacts of climate and land-use change on suspended sediment transport in the River Thames (UK) Gianbattista Bussi, Simon J. Dadson, Christel Prudhomme, Paul G. Whitehead   Journal of Hydrology, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 4 September 2016
A new tool to map the major worldviews in the Netherlands and USA, and explore how they relate to climatechange Annick De Witt, Joop de Boer, Nicholas Hedlund, Patricia Osseweijer   Environmental Science & Policy, Volume 63, September 2016, Pages 101-112
    Urban Basic Services  
Corrigendum to “Catalyzing sustainable urban transformations towards smarter, healthier cities through urban ecological infrastructure, regenerative development, eco towns and regional prosperity” [J. Clean. Prod. 122 (2016) 2–4] Xiaoling Zhang, Dominique Hes, Yuzhe Wu, Wim Hafkamp, Weisheng Lu, Bogachan Bayulken, Hans Schnitzer, Feng Li   Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 131, 10 September 2016, Page 155
Urban food consumption and associated water resources: The example of Dutch cities D. Vanham, T.N. Mak, B.M. Gawlik   Science of The Total Environment, Volume 565, 15 September 2016, Pages 232-239
Learning from Sustained Success: How Community-Driven Initiatives to Improve Urban Sanitation Can Meet the Challenges Gordon McGranahan, Diana Mitlin   World Development, Volume 87, November 2016, Pages 307-317
Noise Control Plans in Cities – Selected Issues and Necessary Changes in Approach to Measures and Methods of Protection Janusz Bohatkiewicz   Transportation Research Procedia, Volume 14, 2016, Pages 2744-2753
Online Performance Assessment System for Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Services in India Vavaliya Jaladhi, Bhavsar Dhruv, Kavadi Utkarsha, Mohammad Mahroof   Aquatic Procedia, Volume 6, August 2016, Pages 51-63
End-user centred infrastructure operation: towards integrated end-use service delivery Christof Knoeri, Julia K. Steinberger, Katy Roelich   Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 132, 20 September 2016, Pages 229-239
Income-enabling, Not Consumptive: Association of Household Socio-economic Conditions with Safe Water and Sanitation Lesley Pories   Aquatic Procedia, Volume 6, August 2016, Pages 74-86
Crime in relation to urban design. Case study: The Greater Cairo Region Heba Adel, Mohamed Salheen, Randa A. Mahmoud   Ain Shams Engineering Journal, Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2016, Pages 925-938
    Urban Economy  
Non-slowing economic growth rate of inflation (NSEGRI): regression modelling Nina P. Goridko, Robert M. Nizhegorodtsev   IFAC-PapersOnLine, Volume 49, Issue 12, 2016, Pages 283-288
Can the Green Economy deliver it all? Experiences of renewable energy policies with socio-economic objectives Michael Pahle, Shonali Pachauri, Karoline Steinbacher   Applied Energy, Volume 179, 1 October 2016, Pages 1331-1341
Settlement scaling and economic change in the Central Andes Scott G. Ortman, Kaitlyn E. Davis, José Lobo, Michael E. Smith, Luis M.A. Bettencourt, Aaron Trumbo   Journal of Archaeological Science, Volume 73, September 2016, Pages 94-106
Institutional Adaptability in China: Local Developmental Models Under Changing Economic Conditions Xiaoxiao Shen, Kellee S. Tsai   World Development, Volume 87, November 2016, Pages 107-127
Defense, Economic Growth and Energy Consumption in China Melike Bildirici   Procedia Economics and Finance, Volume 38, 2016, Pages 257-263
Whether Development Indices Affect Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Analysis Suat Teker, Ayşegül Güner   Procedia Economics and Finance, Volume 38, 2016, Pages 340-346
Woody Biomass Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa Melike Bildirici, Fulya Özaksoy   Procedia Economics and Finance, Volume 38, 2016, Pages 287-293
Decoupling of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Economic Growth in V4 Countries Roman Vavrek, Jana Chovancova   Procedia Economics and Finance, Volume 39, 2016, Pages 526-533
Economic Growth and Input Use Efficiency in Low, Upper -Middle and High Incomed Countries (1991-2011): A Data Envelopment Analysis Ertugrul Deliktas, Gülçin Gürel Günal   Procedia Economics and Finance, Volume 38, 2016, Pages 308-317
Current and future technical, economic and environmental feasibility of maize and wheat residues supply for biomass energy application: Illustrated for South Africa B. Batidzirai, M. Valk, B. Wicke, M. Junginger, V. Daioglou, W. Euler, A.P.C. Faaij   Biomass and Bioenergy, Volume 92, September 2016, Pages 106-129
Modeling the interaction between flooding events and economic growth Johanna Grames, Alexia Prskawetz, Dieter Grass, Alberto Viglione, Günter Blöschl   Ecological Economics, Volume 129, September 2016, Pages 193-209
Spatialising the Melanesian Canarium industry: Understanding economic upgrading in an emerging industry among three Pacific small island states J. Carter, E.F. Smith   Geoforum, Volume 75, October 2016, Pages 40-51
    Housing and Slum Upgrading  
Assessment of social sustainable development in urban India by a composite index Sudha Panda, Manjari Chakraborty, S.K. Misra   International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment, In Press, Uncorrected Proof, Available online 31 August 2016
Habitat Design: New Directives Asif R. Khan   Procedia Technology, Volume 24, 2016, Pages 1774-1781
Household wealth, residential status and the incidence of diarrhoea among children under-five years in Ghana Akwasi Kumi-Kyereme, Joshua Amo-Adjei   ournal of Epidemiology and Global Health, Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2016, Pages 131-140
Sustainable Temporary Housing: Global Trends and Outlook Daniel V. Perrucci, Bianca A. Vazquez, Can B. Aktas   Procedia Engineering, Volume 145, 2016, Pages 327-332
Privacy at home: Analysis of behavioral patterns in the spatial configuration of traditional and modern housesin the city of Hamedan based on the notion of space syntax Saeid Alitajer, Ghazaleh Molavi Nojoumi   Frontiers of Architectural Research, Volume 5, Issue 3, September 2016, Pages 341-352
    Urban Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation  
Inter-agency collaboration for fire disaster management in Nairobi City Alice A. Menya, O.A. K’Akumu   Journal of Urban Management, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 2 September 2016
The Challenges of Disaster Governance in an Indonesian Multi-hazards City: A Case of Semarang, Central Java Artiningsih, Jawoto Sih Setyono, Rizki Kirana Yuniartanti   Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 227, 14 July 2016, Pages 347-353
A Multiple Objective Mathematical Program to Determine Locations of Disaster Response Distribution Centers Hafize Yilmaz, Özgür Kabak   IFAC-PapersOnLine, Volume 49, Issue 12, 2016, Pages 520-525
Key Lessons and Guidelines for Post-Disaster Permanent Housing Provision in Kelantan, Malaysia Ruhizal Roosli, Andrew E. Collins   Procedia Engineering, Volume 145, 2016, Pages 1209-1217
Pedestrian flow-path modeling to support tsunami evacuation and disaster relief planning in the U.S. Pacific Northwest Nathan Wood, Jeanne Jones, Mathew Schmidtlein, John Schelling, Tim Frazier   International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Volume 18, September 2016, Pages 41-55
Development of a Typhoon Search and Prediction System for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Action Plans Based on Typhoon Course Analysis Kohji Tanaka, Eisaku Yura, Masatoshi Sasaki, Takuya Shirahase, Akio Shimokawa, Sho Kato   Procedia Engineering, Volume 154, 2016, Pages 1258-1266
Analysis and Evaluation of Flash Flood Disasters: A Case of Lingbao County of Henan Province in China Qiuling Yao, Jiabi Xie, Liang Guo, Xiaolei Zhang, Ronghua Liu   Procedia Engineering, Volume 154, 2016, Pages 835-843
Pedestrian flow-path modeling to support tsunami evacuation and disaster relief planning in the U.S. Pacific Northwest Nathan Wood, Jeanne Jones, Mathew Schmidtlein, John Schelling, Tim Frazier   International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Volume 18, September 2016, Pages 41-55
Development of a Typhoon Search and Prediction System for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Action Plans Based on Typhoon Course Analysis Kohji Tanaka, Eisaku Yura, Masatoshi Sasaki, Takuya Shirahase, Akio Shimokawa, Sho Kato   Procedia Engineering, Volume 154, 2016, Pages 1258-1266
    Urban Land Legislation and Governance  
Land City District Zoning Areas for the Development and Use of the Unified Management and Operation of theHousing Stock A.N. Afanasyeva, A.A. Guseinova   Procedia Engineering, Volume 150, 2016, Pages 1941-1947
Exploring Land Use Scenarios in Metropolitan Areas: Food Balance in a Local Agricultural System by Using a Multi-objective Optimization Model Guido Sali, Federica Monaco, Chiara Mazzocchi, Stefano Corsi   Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia, Volume 8, 2016, Pages 211-221
Land tenure reforms, tenure security and food security in poor agrarian economies: Causal linkages and research gaps Stein T. Holden, Hosaena Ghebru   Global Food Security, Volume 10, September 2016, Pages 21-28
The roles of land tenure reforms and land markets in the context of population growth and land use intensification in Africa Stein T. Holden, Keijiro Otsuka   Food Policy, Volume 48, October 2014, Pages 88-97
Mapping properties to monitor forests: Landholder response to a large environmental registration program in the Brazilian Amazon Jessica L’Roe, Lisa Rausch, Jacob Munger, Holly K. Gibbs   Land Use Policy, Volume 57, 30 November 2016, Pages 193-203
Peri-urban Areas and Land Use Structure in Romania at LAU2 Level: An Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis Cristina Lincaru, Draga Atanasiu, Vasilica Ciucă, Speranţa Pirciog   Procedia Environmental Sciences, Volume 32, 2016, Pages 124-137
A survey exploring private farm advisor perspectives of agri-environment schemes: The case of England’s Environmental Stewardship programme A.P. Hejnowicz, M.A. Rudd, P.C.L. White   Land Use Policy, Volume 55, September 2016, Pages 240-256
Introduction Jennifer Helgeson, Ilan Chabay, Martin Frick   Land Restoration, 2016, Pages xxiii-xxvi
Women and Accidents: The Need to Separate Gender Database Fernanda Cruz Rios, Wai K. Chong, David Grau   Procedia Engineering, Volume 145, 2016, Pages 662-669
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