08 May 2024

Monthly Journal Articles on Human Settlements

    Urban Planning and Design  
Improving climate change resilience knowledge through a gaming approach: Application to marine submersion in the city of Punaauia, Tahiti Charlotte HeinzlefYoann LamauryDamien Serre   Environmental AdvancesApril 2024
Advancing green space equity via policy change: A scoping review and research agenda Alessandro RigolonRexford Osei OwusuAlberto Espiricueta   Environmental Science & Policy25 April 2024
An integrated approach for urban green travel environments: Planning factors, benefits and barriers as perceived by users and planners Yu LiuMegan Lynn MaurerAnton Stahl Olafsson   Journal of Transport Geography17 April 2024
Modeling the effects of artificial intelligence (AI)-based innovation on sustainable development goals (SDGs): Applying a system dynamics perspective in a cross-country setting Sharmin Nahar   Technological Forecasting and Social ChangeApril 2024
Climate justice in future cities: Geographical perspectives for inclusive urban resilience and adaptation Francesca PeroniSalvatore Eugenio Pappalardo   Landscape and Urban PlanningApril 2024
Sustainable Development on the Basis of the WEF Nexus in Arid Coastal Areas for Climate Change Mitigation: Case Study of Rabia Community in Matrouh, Egypt Zeina ElZeinNouran Ahmed MiladHamdy Maamoun Abdel-Ghafar   Energy NexusAvailable online 22 April 2024
Urban systems exploration: A generic process for multi-objective urban planning to support decision making in early design phases Roland ReitbergerNicolai PalmWerner Lang   Building and Environment15 April 2024
A multi-objective model to design shared e-kick scooters parking spaces in large urban areas Aleksandra ColovicLuigi Pio PrencipeMichele Ottomanelli   Journal of Transport GeographyApril 2024
    Urban Basic Services  
Contextualising urban sanitation solutions through complex systems thinking: A case study of the South African sanitation system Andrew ThatcherPrecious BiyelaJames Topkin   Journal of Cleaner Production20 April 2024
Citizens’ deliberation on solutions to fight urban household food waste and nexus with growing urban gardens: The case of porto metropolitan area in Portugal Alexandra RibeiroLívia MadureiraRaquel Carvalho   Cleaner and Responsible Consumption3 April 2024
Driving the electric vehicle agenda in Nigeria: The challenges, prospects and opportunities Temitope FarinloyeOmotoye OluwatobiEmmanuel Mogaji   Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment4 April 2024
Preparing schools for future pandemics: Insights on water, sanitation and hygiene solutions from the Brazilian school reopening policies Kasandra I. H. M. PoagueJustine I. BlanfordCarmen Anthonj   International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental HealthApril 2024
COVID-19, “risks” and critical reflections on WASH services in Kolkata's slums Aisharya BhattacharjeeSudeshna MitraPriyank Pravin Patel   Regional Science Policy & PracticeAvailable online 1 April 2024
Smart city solutions: Comparative analysis of waste management models in IoT-enabled environments using multiagent simulation Dr. Iftikhar HussainDr. Adel ElomriDr. Abdelfatteh El Omri   Sustainable Cities and SocietyApril 2024
Revolutionizing urban Waste: Eco-Innovation for Saharanpur's sustainability (Class-II urban Centers) Abdullah AnsariDharm DuttVivek Kumar   Waste Management BulletinApril 2024
Assessing the functionality of a water-vending kiosk network with high-frequency instrumentation in Freetown, Sierra Leone Matthew S. FalconeCarlo SalvinelliEvan Thomas   Heliyon30 April 2024
GIS-based approach for optimizing biowaste collection services in rural small sized municipalities Bertha SantosCláudia Mendes   Waste Management BulletinApril 2024
Identification of suitable sites for municipal waste dumping and disposal using multi-criteria decision-making technique and spatial technology: A case of Bolpur municipality, Birbhum district, West Bengal Piyali BhowmickSusmita DasNiladri Das   Waste Management BulletinApril 2024
Impacts of the COVID-19/2020 pandemic on the waste sector of Rio de Janeiro municipality, Brazil: Assessment on solid waste production in 2018 – 2023 Ronei de AlmeidaRonaldo Lúcio de Souza Teixeira   Waste Management BulletinApril 2024
    Urban Economy  
Reconceiving China's urban economic transition through symbiotic state-firm dynamics: An integrated perspective from urban governance and global production networks Kun WangCalvin King Lam ChungZhaohui Long   Cities10 April 2024
Research priorities to leverage smart digital technologies for sustainable crop production Hugo StormSabine Julia SeidelHeiner Kuhlmann   European Journal of Agronomy6 April 2024
Impact of digital empowerment on labor employment in manufacturing enterprises: Evidence from China Liping QiuYixue DuanZhibin Jiang   Heliyon30 April 2024
Synergizing carbon trading and water management for urban sustainability: A city-level multi-objective planning framework Yang ZhouJingcheng HanYa Zhou   Applied Energy1 April 2024
Optimizing Green Supply Chain Circular Economy in Smart Cities with Integrated Machine Learning Technology Tao LiuXin GuanYadong Wang   HeliyonAvailable online 25 April 2024
Urban agriculture in Brazil: Possibilities and challenges for Santarém, eastern Amazonia Thiago Almeida VieiraThomas Panagopoulos   Land Use PolicyApril 2024
The ‘peri-urban turn’: A systems thinking approach for a paradigm shift in reconceptualising urban-rural futures in the global South Lakshmi Priya RajendranLeal RaúlMaria Rinya Roy   Habitat InternationalApril 2024
Spatiotemporal Patterns, Effects, and the Interactive Driving Mechanisms of Urban Sustainability Based on the Eco-efficiency Framework: Evidence from Chinese Prefecture-Level Cities Kaisen NongJiaan LinDongqi Sun   Environmental and Sustainability IndicatorsAvailable online 18 April 2024
Spatial Patterns of Urban Expansion and Cropland Loss during 2017-2022 in Guangdong, China Xinjian WenFuying YangGang Xu   HeliyonAvailable online 30 April 2024
Measurement and spatial correlation analysis of high-quality development Level: A case study of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration in China Yanlong GuoXueMei JiangHan Zhang   Heliyon30 April 2024
    Housing and Slum Upgrading  
Reframing urban informality: Gendered impacts of COVID-19 in Bangladeshi slums Sajal RoyKrishna K. ShresthaRumana Sultana   Progress in Disaster ScienceApril 2024
Towards a scalable and transferable approach to map deprived areas using Sentinel-2 images and machine learning Maxwell OwusuArathi NairRyan Engstrom   Computers, Environment and Urban SystemsApril 2024
Young workers, jobs-housing balance, and commute distance: Findings from two high-housing-cost U.S. regions Evelyn BlumenbergHannah King   CitiesApril 2024
Examining the Policy Outcomes of Cancelling the House Purchase Restriction: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from China Xinghua ZhaoBing HanYuexi Yang   Urban GovernanceAvailable online 24 April 2024
Bad news travels fast: Network analysis of the Chinese housing market connectivity Xiaoyue XuAnran MiJichang Dong   China Economic ReviewApril 2024
A typology of clustered housing for older adults towards opportunities for social interaction: A case study of Dutch social housing Kim HamersNienke MoorMasi Mohammadi   Frontiers of Architectural ResearchAvailable online 15 April 2024
Research on the path of local colleges participating in community education of affordable rental housing in industrial parks Wei Yue   Heliyon30 April 2024
Livability-oriented urban built environment: What kind of built environment can increase the housing prices? Jinyu HuangYang WangHong'ou Zhang   Journal of Urban ManagementAvailable online 18 April 2024
    Urban Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation
Urban planning for flood resilience under technical and financial constraints: The role of planners and competence development in building a flood-resilient city in Matola, Mozambique José Lourenço Neves   City and Environment InteractionsApril 2024
A 3D virtual geographic environment for flood representation towards risk communication Weilian LiJun ZhuYouness Dehbi   International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and GeoinformationApril 2024
Electric bus fleets during urban flash floods: A mixed bus fleet strategy Sanghuiyu YanPengju RenJian Li   International Journal of Transportation Science and TechnologyAvailable online 18 April 2024
LRFD methodology for river embankments against non-stationary flooding under climate change Abdul Kadir AlhamidMitsuyoshi AkiyamaDan M. Frangopol   Structural SafetyAvailable online 27 April 2024
Shaping the perception of flood risk among residents of riverbank informal settlements in Kathmandu Neeraj Dangol   International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction15 April 2024
Analysis of the perceptions of flood and effect of adoption of adaptation strategies on income of informal settlements of Mamelodi in South Africa Y. S. NyamN. T. S. ModibaO. T. Selelo   Climate ServicesApril 2024
Lake Tanganyika basin water storage variations from 2003–2021 for water balance and flood monitoring Paul Gérard GbetkomJean-François CrétauxMarielle Gosset   Remote Sensing Applications: Society and EnvironmentApril 2024
    Urban Land Legislation and Governance
Sustainable Land Management in Mali Karim NchareMarcel VitouleyRichard Mbih   Geography and SustainabilityAvailable online 1 April 2024
Comprehensive Analysis of Land Use and Cover Dynamics in Djibouti Using Machine Learning Technique: A Multi-Temporal Assessment from 1990 to 2023 Santa PanditSawahiko ShimadaTimothy Dube   Environmental ChallengesAvailable online 24 April 2024
How close are they? Using proximity theory to understand the relationship between landlords and tenants of agricultural land Heidi Leonhardt   Journal of Rural StudiesApril 2024
Public-private partnerships and land value capture: A convergent framework to improve the procurement of urban rail transit infrastructure Xinjian LiPeter E. D. LoveTing Kong   Developments in the Built EnvironmentApril 2024
Analysis of land use/ land cover changes and landscape fragmentation in the Baro-Akobo Basin, Southwestern Ethiopia Kassahun MulatuKitesa HunderaFeyera Senbeta   Heliyon15 April 2024
Can environmental legislation protect a threatened apex predator across different land tenures? Nicholas CarterJohn G. WhiteRaylene Cooke   Landscape and Urban PlanningApril 2024
    Cross Cutting  
From gender gaps to gender-transformative climate-smart agriculture Sophia HuyerAna Maria LoboguerreroOlga Spellman   Current Opinion in Environmental SustainabilityApril 2024
PERSIST: a pre–post study to assess an educational methodology to enhance youth climate literacy and systems thinking ability Doris ZjalicAlessio PerilliChiara Cadeddu   The Lancet Planetary HealthApril 2024
Advancing disability-inclusive climate research and action, climate justice, and climate-resilient development Penelope J S SteinMichael Ashley SteinLise Van Susteren   The Lancet Planetary HealthApril 2024
Modeling the effects of artificial intelligence (AI)-based innovation on sustainable development goals (SDGs): Applying a system dynamics perspective in a cross-country setting Sharmin Nahar   Technological Forecasting and Social ChangeApril 2024
Fostering financial inclusion for attaining sustainable goals: What contributes more to the inclusive financial behaviour of rural households in India? Ashutosh DashGiridhari Mohanta   Journal of Cleaner Production10 April 2024
Transportation, employment and gender norms: Evidence from Indian cities Arun BalachandranSonalde Desai   Regional Science Policy & PracticeAvailable online 16 April 2024
Pathways of Co-Production: Negotiations and contextual insights into Quito's peripheral urbanisation Riccardo PorrecaMichael Janoschka   Habitat InternationalApril 2024
Revisiting the EKC framework concerning COP-28 carbon neutrality management: Evidence from Top-5 carbon embittering countries Ritika ChopraMubeen Abdur RehmanSeema Bhardwaj   Journal of Environmental ManagementApril 2024
Enhancing social vulnerability assessment with energy resilience: A comprehensive study of the Netherlands Wen SongYinshuai LiNan Jia   Sustainable Cities and SocietyApril 2024
Posted on: 08 May 2024