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03 Oct 2016

Workplace injury also known as ‘occupational injury’ generally refers to injury that is caused by or aggravated by an event or exposure in the work environment



Workplace injury also known as ‘occupational injury’ generally refers to injury that is caused by or aggravated by an event or exposure in the work environment.

Reporting of Occupational injury

Note: For acute injuries, please come directly to the JMS clinic and if unable to walk, call ext 25999 (020 762 5999).

You will be asked  report the incident by completing the occupational safety report form found by clicking here

It is important to report any injury that has occurred in the course of duty to your supervisor. Key benefits of prompt and accurate reporting include:

  • Facilitation of immediate care including first aid measures.
  • Description of the nature, extent, potential disability or work restriction that may result from an injury.
  • Prompt and accurate reporting to facilitate assessment of disability in relation to any compensation that may be claimed.
  • Review of work processes in order to prevent future similar injuries.

Reporting and compensation procedures

Specific structured information is required in reporting occupational injuries.

The UN provides for the structured approach by means of a formal reporting tool commonly referred to as appendix D in the United nations staff rules: (ST/SGB/Staff rules/AppendixD/Revision 1,dated 1 January 1966 and Appendix D/Revision 11 Amend. 1,dated January 1976)

The ‘Claim for compensation’ form must be attached to the appendix D form and is usually filled within four months from the date of injury.

Additional documentation required includes the medical reports from the treating doctor and all medical/Hospital bills incurred to facilitate reimbursement.

     A. Submitting a claim for compensation under Appendix D

  • The staff member requests for an appointment by email at medical for review by the UN doctor.  He is then assisted by the doctor to complete Appendix D claim forms for compensation.
  • The forms are kept at the UN Clinic, Nairobi.
  • The compensation claim form comprises three (3) parts which should be completed as follows:
  • First page should be completed by the reviewing doctor at the UN Joint Medical Service.
  • The second and third pages should be completed by the staff member.
  • The fourth and fifth pages should be completed by the doctor who initially attended to the staff member. The last page bearing the doctor’s signature must also be rubber-stamped.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned document, the staff member should also complete Form P.290 and list all the bills for all expenses incurred.
  • The staff member should attach the originals of the following documentation to the claim forms:
    1. A letter from the staff member’s agency stating that he/she was on official duty at the time of the incident.
    2. A report from the UN Security on the incident.
    3. A map or a photograph of the place/area where the incident occurred.
    4. A Personnel Action Form indicating the type of contract the staff member held at the time of the incident.
    5. Original receipts for medical expenses incurred.
    6. Medical reports from the treating physician(s) and the hospital discharge sheets.
  • All the documents submitted must be original.
  • The UN Joint Medical Service then forwards all the above documentation to the Secretary to the Advisory Board on Compensation Claims and United Nations Claims Board for review.
  • If the requirements are met, then the staff member, his/her UN Agency and the Joint Medical Service are notified when the claim is submitted to the Board.
  • If the Board approves the claim, the Secretary to the Board conveys the Board’s decision in a memo to the UN Agency concerned and the staff member, with a copy to the Medical Service.
  • VERY IMPORTANT – Remember to submit your claim for compensation within duration of 4 months following the incident.

Further information

   If you need more information you can get in touch with your supervisor or HR department.

   You may also call JMS on 0724255378 or Email:

Posted on: 03 Oct 2016