Introducing Juan Luis Arango -Intern,Urban Economy Branch

17 Feb 2016

It is my pleasure to introduce Mr. Juan Luis Arango, a national from Colombia. Mr. Arango has joined the Urban Economy branch as an intern for 6 months. Juan Luis has a Bachelor of Economics from one of the leading universities in his native country, the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, postgraduate studies in Local and Private Finance and is finishing a Master degree in Economics with focus on finance and microeconomics. He has a particular interest in economics, finance and urban development.

His previous experience is rich and relevant for youth, economics and finance. He was a consultant with Remolina Estrada Consultoría Gerencial, a major Colombian consulting firm where he developed business models, financial evaluations, organizational structures, growing and competing strategies for public and private sector in Colombia. He also designed market research and industry analyses that were used to assess operational effectiveness and strategies of diverse organizations and sectors. Mr. Arango also was with "Q&A Banca de Inversión", a Colombian firm investing in infrastructure projects.

As an intern in the Urban Economy branch he will be engaged in supporting the research, analysis and writing of documents related with urban economy and finance and assisting the Urban Youth Fund on its way to develop long term initiatives to empower youth entrepreneurs, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean, but also scaling up to Asia and Africa.

He can be reached on the extension 23560 and

Please join me in welcoming Mr Arango to UN-Habitat.

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Posted on: 17 Feb 2016