HabPost Issue 41- November 4th, 2021

04 Nov 2021

How do we measure success? While often a complex question to answer, knowing whether we are successful as an organization in delivering on our mandate is crucial to stay relevant in the international fora. And a few tools exist to help us do just that — chief amongst them, results-basedmanagement (RBM) principles. Today in HabPost, our feature story highlights the reasons why RBM has grown in popularity over the years and why we at UN-Habitat are committed to pursuing this management approach — and the steps we’re taking towards it. Spoiler alert: the keyword here is “outcomes”. And if you want to become a New Urban Agenda nerd, don’t miss out on the second part of the online crash course, now looking at the means of implementation of the New Urban Agenda. More on this in the Did you know section

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Posted on: 22 Feb 2022