HabPost - Issue 008 (June 6th, 2020)

04 Jun 2020

As promised, we have re-oriented HabPost to bring to you a more structural news package. No more COVID-19 exclusives, but keep in mind that the virus is still around, so we will continue to keep you updated on important information. 

In a previous issue, we had explained what HabPost would look like post COVID-19 issues. The menu highlights the information you will be able to find (or not) in each issue. While this forms the basic structure of HabPost, you can expect to receive special issues including a feature article focused as much as possible on colleagues and their own stories. Special as they may be, you might see quite a few of them the first few weeks as we feel there is a lot to share. So stay tuned — the news is coming. 

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Posted on: 04 Jun 2020