GCF wastewater proposal in Thailand

11 Jun 2024

UN-Habitat’s vision is “a better quality of life for all in an urbanizing world”. UN-Habitat works with partners to build inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities and communities. UN-Habitat promotes urbanization as a positive transformative force for people and communities, reducing inequality, discrimination, and poverty.

In line with the New Urban Agenda, UN-Habitat seeks to contribute to increased equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water, improved sanitation, and sustainable management of water resources, including wastewater treatment, recycling and safe reuse. It does so by facilitating policy dialogue, sharing good practices, by providing technical assistance for the development and implementation of field demonstration projects, and by supporting local, national, and global data collection and monitoring in order to strengthen advocacy, policy, and decision-making.

Posted on: 11 Jun 2024