G-4 Visa Validity and Visa Committee Processing at UNHQ

27 Mar 2020

G-4 Visa for Staff Members

The Travel and Transportation Section (TTS) of the Department of Operational Support (DOS) informs all staff that they, and their dependent family members, will remain in legal G-4 visa status in the United States for as long as they remain employed with the UN, Funds, Programmes and other related organizations,  even after the expiration date indicated on their G-4 visa.

As the G-4 visa is an “entry visa,” it must be valid only at the time of entry into the United States. At the point of entry, the travellers’ class of admission is determined and recorded by an US immigration officer. All G-4 visa holders are encouraged to confirm their status by reviewing their latest admission record - select ‘Get most recent I-94’ on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website:



As long as the I-94 record returns a ‘Class of Admission’ as G-4 and ‘Admit Until Date’ as D/S, staff who remain employed, remain in legal status.


Persons who are experiencing difficulties with retrieving their latest I-94 record should call the U.S. office of Customs and Boarder Protection for assistance at this phone number: +1 (718) 553-3683.

“D/S” stands for ‘duration of stay’. G-4 visa holders remain in status for the duration of their employment, regardless of the validity indicated on the visa sticker which is pasted in their passport.

Therefore, G-4 visa holders whose visa may expire soon, or has already expired, do not need to renew their visa while staying in the United States. Those with expired G-4 visas and who may need to urgently travel abroad, may have to apply for the renewal of their G-4 visa at a US consulate overseas before returning to the United States. However, travellers should be aware that many US embassies and consulates in affected regions have either suspended or greatly curtailed their services and operations.

In New York, the U.S. Mission to the United Nations (USUN) has currently suspended all G4 visa services at UNHQ. TTS will notify staff as soon as the USUN resumes these services.

More detailed information on the difference between the G-4 visa validity and remaining in G-4 visa status is available on this US Department of State website:



For inquiries about G-4 Visas, please contact the Passport and Visa team at traveldocs@un.org

Please also visit our iSeek pages for more information:


https://iseek.un.org/nyc/webpgdept593_29 (What is a G-4 Visa and who is eligible)


 Visa Committee

G4 Visas for Secondary Dependents and Overage Children

G-4 visas for secondary dependents and overage children follow the same principles outlined above, provided applicants continue to meet the eligibility requirements to hold the G-4 status and subject to the same current conditions.

Work Permits

While the submission and extension of work permit applications for eligible spouses and children has been suspended by the Host Country, TTS is actively engaged with the USUN authorities to support the electronic submission of their required documentation for the extension of existing permits.

TTS is aware of the challenges that this situation places on staff and their families and eagerly awaits a decision by the Host Country. TTS will advise staff of any change to this procedure as soon as possible.

G5 Visas for Domestic Workers

Staff may continue to request visa support for domestic workers as the USUN can issue a prenotification, which is sent to the respective embassy abroad, where the domestic worker applies for the G5 visa.


Change of Visa Status

For change of status from G visas, applicants should file US form I-566 without the USUN endorsement. The USUN will endorse the forms when an applicant receives a request for further evidence from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Eligible retirees and children may continue to file their special Immigrant-Based Adjustment of status applications subject to USCIS instructions.

For inquiries about Visa Committee topics, please contact DOS-VC@un.org

Posted on: 27 Mar 2020