First Department of Operational Support Procurement Manual Issuance

30 Sep 2019

The new Procurement Manual is currently available online in English at  and will subsequently be published in additional languages in a user-friendly, easily accessible format on the United Nations Procurement Division's website. By end of 2019, the Manual will also be available in an accessible version, as part of the commitment of the Secretariat to provide persons with disabilities with equal access to United Nations business opportunities.


Among many other improvements, the new Procurement Manual:


  1. Clearly details how the new delegation of authority empowers Secretariat entities, including how the use of Long-Term Agreements best benefits clients through easy access to available goods and services;
  2. Reflects the newly implemented, highly strategic approach to procurement through category management, with an emphasis on empowering staff to utilize professional judgment;
  3. Eliminates duplicative review processes, leading to faster contract awards and appropriate resource allocation;
  4. Allows for more flexibility, including shortened timelines for tender posting periods;
  5. Provides more clarity and transparency for both procurement practitioners and vendors regarding how to seek clarifications during a procurement process, as well as how to effectively conduct negotiations and Best and Final Offer rounds; and
  6. Outlines an improved, transparent and clear process for an independent Vendor Review Committee, tasked with reviewing possible sanctions and other actions related to vendors and their registration status with the United Nations Secretariat.
Posted on: 09 Oct 2019