Ensure to switch off mobile data when travelling abroad!

13 Mar 2019

Switch off mobile data and use Wi-Fi networks, where available, when outside Kenya. Data roaming can bring unexpected high bills even if you did not actively use your phone, as there are data-hungry background applications like email, Google Maps, WhatsApp, automatic updates, etc. that can download, in seconds, vast amounts of data, potentially leading to huge bills.






For example, downloading only 1Mb of data in France, where Safaricom’s preferred network was not selected, could lead to a bill of KSH1,500! Now imagine if 100Mb are downloaded inadvertently by a background update process (In Europe, this can be as fast as less than 1 minute download time).


This is in stark contrast with KSH75 per 1Mb had we selected Safaricom’s preferred network “SFR – France-Vodafone”.


It is our responsibility to ensure, before travelling, to:

  1. Consult latest data roaming cost for the country to be visited (or any stop-overs) 
  2. Ensure the preferred network is selected when we arrive to our destination
    • Most phones automatically select the network operator. Please contact ICTS Service Desk for assistance
  3. Understand how to restrict applications to use background data
    • There are endless ways of achieving this depending on the operating system in use and its version. Please contact ICTS service desk to assist you with your specific mobile device.

As you can see, the world of data roaming is not yet as user-friendly as it should be and a small mistake can bring huge bills.

We therefore strongly recommend use of Wi-Fi network.

Posted on: 13 Mar 2019