COVID 19 - Pause and Reflect

24 Nov 2020

JMS wishes you continued health and wellbeing.  

We appreciate your continued attention to our health broadcasts and updates. 


The COVID-19 situation has been particularly worrying for Kenya and the UN community in Kenya in the past weeks. You may have noticed this worrying trend in the daily National health briefings provided by the Kenyan Ministry of Health. 


The number of recorded deaths from COVID-19 has risen to double digits in the last 2 weeks in Kenya. On certain days we have had more than 20 deaths within 24 hours. 

Hospitals are getting full again with a significant number of patients requiring oxygen support and ICU care. The month of November is not over, yet but it is already being touted as the worst month for Kenya in the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Unfortunately, UN COVID-19 cases have also been escalating daily in the recent weeks. Some of our colleagues have required hospitalization and intensive care. 

Indeed, these are not just numbers, they represent people who are known, loved, and valued as family members, citizens, and colleagues. 


You may ask yourself why we are witnessing an ever-soaring number of COVID-19 infections in Kenya and within the UN community. To answer this question, it may help to take stock of 

where you stand as an individual, family, and community: 

  • Are we experiencing Pandemic fatigue? Have we lowered our guard at home, at work and in our social interactions? 
  • Is it worth the risk to expose those around us to potential catastrophe by neglecting COVID-19 precautions? 
  • Do we lack information on prevention measures against COVID-19? 
  • Is the easing of COVID-19 restrictions to blame?  

Regardless of your answer, we all need to apply personal responsibility to ensure compliance with COVID-19 precautions at home, at work and in other daily interactions. 

We may not control the decisions of government on easing of COVID-19 restrictions or those of private organizations on issues of compliance, but we can control our choices and behavior and thereby limit the risk of infection to ourselves, family, and colleagues.


As we wait for the eventual roll-out of a safe and accessible vaccine, it is important to note that other countries and cities have managed to bring this pandemic under control though application of public health measures with the cooperation of their citizens - there is hope! To work towards a similar outcome, we will need to continue making good choices: 

  • Consistently practice COVID-19 Prevention measures while encouraging our household members and colleagues to do the same.  
  • Recognize COVID-19 symptoms and seek medical assistance immediately if unwell. Call JMS 24/7 Cell number on 0724 255378 
  • Do not go to the office or interact with others if you fall ill or come into contact with someone confirmed to have COVID-19. You may end up exposing many people to the infection. 
  • Practice safe, social connections with friends, family, or colleagues.
  • Keep healthy through regular exercise and having a healthy nutritionally balanced diet.
  • Stay informed by reading reliable health information e.g. from the WHO & CDC.
  • Seek mental health support when you need it-JMS Staff counselors are available and can be reached online or through cell numbers:0728 961 939 or 0793 484 333  


Finally, having read through this broadcast, we now invite you to observe a minute of silence to remember all those who have fallen sick or lost their lives from COVID-19: Colleagues, friends, family members and those we don't know. May we play our part to bring this pandemic under control! 




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Posted on: 24 Nov 2020