Annual Progress Report (2016) on the Implementation of the Strategic Plan (2014-2019)

08 May 2017

This is the third Annual Progress Report on the implementation of the six-year strategic plan (2014-2019) prepared in accordance with the Governing Council resolution 25/3 of April 2015. The strategic plan is being  implemented through three successive biennial work programmes and budgets (GC resolution 24/15). The report reviews progress made on implementation of the 2016-2017 work programme and budget in 2016 and 
focuses on the results that are attributed to interventions of UN-Habitat’s and those of its partners. Each section starts with highlights of main results noted in 2016, followed by reports on results realized at country, regional and global levels. Results are measured against the defined expected accomplishments (EAs), and progress rated on reported attainment of indicator targets for 2017, together with qualitative analysis of noted changes. It also highlights challenges met and their management, as well as lessons learned.

Posted on: 08 May 2017