40 Days Safer Cities Challenge

21 Sep 2020

Dear colleagues,

As you know, we will launch the 40 Days Safer Cities Challenge today 21 September on the International Day of Peace.

 The campaign will consist of:

  • 40 days to raise-awareness worldwide on safety in cities and urban crime prevention, 
  • 40 days to promote concrete citizens actions and innovation for cities.
  • 40 days to amplify innovation towards action to achieve the urban and safety dimensions of the SDGs.

The challenge will end on the World Cities Day on 31 October with a learning event to review the innovations shared during the 40 days.

How can your office contribute?

  • We would like to encourage your respective offices as relevant to mobilise your partners to join the 40 Days Safer Cities Challenge to commit to action and share innovations towards safer cities. They may join the challenge through the ‘join’ button on the dedicated website Here
  • Share with us impact stories and videos on your relevant projects. We will be able to promote those on the News and Stories of the campaign website.
  • Promote leaders and influencers engaged in your relevant projects by sharing their quotes commenting on the impact of safety and crime prevention in cities.

Please use and share the dedicated toolkit to communicate on the 40 days challenge.

For further information on the campaign, please contact Flossie Mbiri (Flossie.mbiri@un.org), Advocacy and Campaigns Unit. For substantive information on the Safer Cities activities, please refer to Juma Assiago (Juma.assiago@un.org).

 Thank you in advance for your engagement.

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Posted on: 21 Sep 2020