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Provision of technical services (to prioritize infrastructure works including water, sewerage, and Solid Waste Management) in Aleppo and Jableh Syria" - UN-Habitat- Syria ProgrammeRegional Office for Arab StatesRegional Office for Arab StatesCountry ProjectsCross-Cutting, Serviceshttps://unhabitat.org/join-us/calls/provision-of-technical-services-to-prioritize-infrastructure-works-including-water-0
Academicians and chairs of East African professional bodies discuss architecture and urban planningPolicies and StrategiesUrban Basic ServicesClimate Change, Mainstreaming, Project Office, Regional Office for Africa, Urban Basic Services, Policy, Legislation and GovernanceGlobal Water Operators' Partnership Alliance, Urban Energy, Urban Mobility, Waste Management, Water and Sanitation, City Planning, Extension and Design Unit, Climate Change Planning Unit, Markers and Guidelines, Policies and StrategiesCross-Cutting, Offices, Services
Kenya Impact Story: New Constitution and Empowered Counties to Promote City-wide Slum UpgradingLand, Housing and ShelterHuman Rights, Land, Housing and ShelterSlum UpgradingCross-Cutting, Offices, Serviceshttps://habnet.unhabitat.org/sites/default/files/documents/KENYA%20IMPACT%20STORY_High%20resolution_0.pdf
Urban Energy Technical NotesPolicies and StrategiesUrban Basic ServicesClimate Change, Mainstreaming, Land, Housing and Shelter, Project Office, Capacity Development and Training, Human Rights and Social Inclusion, Urban Basic Services, Planning, Finance and Economy, Policy, Legislation and Governance, Urban Planning and DesignBest Practices, Cities and Climate Change Initiative, Knowledge Resources, Markers and Tools, Urban Energy, Urban Mobility, Waste Management, Water and SanitationCross-Cutting, Offices, Serviceshttps://habnet.unhabitat.org/sites/default/files/documents/Urban%20Energy%20Technical%20Note%2001%20to10.pdf...pdf